How to Start a Park

Any park has ups and downs. It happens. Sometimes you have 5 people out at the park, sometimes you have 50. There arises factions and cliques and its seems to you that having those various groups bounce from one being in power to another is somehow very wrong. This isn't a symptom only common in Amtgard, anytime there are many people in a group for any amount of time this will happen. What is important to focus on is not the "he said, she said" drama, but on the health of the group as a whole. I argue that some amount of conflict within a group is healthy. Note that I wrote"some."


Promoting Your Park
Maintaining Your Park

If everyone agreed on every standpoint apathy sets in after a while, the same few people run for office and nothing ever changes. There needs to be opposing viewpoints to keep things fresh, and new people need to step up and run for office. New people need to feel welcomed to run for office, and oftentimes the thing that leads them to that office is the want to change something that they see wrong. Foster inclusion, but accept that we are, by our very nature, exclusionists.

Keep your park fresh and find new things to do at your park as often as you can. Vary battlegames and ditches. Try new quests and help your populace to find what part it is of amtgard that brings them back. Not everyone is a fighter, and not everyone wants to make their own garb. Those people that you may find annoying because they do or don't fight are just as valuable of members of amtgard as you are. We all have our own "dream" of what amtgard is. Keep that dream alive.

-Create your own newbie disk to give out to people who are interested or people new to the game.

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I'd be happy to help you in any way to get your group going, from making flyers to websites to award making and heraldry. Feel free to contact me anytime.

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