Welcome to Alona's Amtgard Library. This webpage is an extension of my own personal Amtgard library. That being said, I'd like to point out that aside from the How to Make Hakama guide and the crazy huge MS Works based Record Keeper and the odd gateform or business card or flyer, I wrote nothing in here. I'm not taking credit for it, and if you find something in here that you did write, drop me a line via the guestbook, or by email and I'll give you credit or take it off my site, whatever you prefer. On the flipside, do the same if you want to submit something.

I created this site in hopes of helping folks have a quick way to find things they need for Amtgard without having to spend hours searching for the original site. Plus I wanted to feel special by buying the domain name www.amtgardlibrary.com.

I'm still attempting to get the search function to work correctly, so far it searches my WHOLE website...so bare with me.

Happy Downloading!

-Alona TwoTrees