how to make a spellball

by sir squeak! the mighty

this is the best way i've found of cheaply and easily making spellballs. its pretty straightforward and pretty easy....

over the course of my sewing projects, i keep all the tiny little scraps of fabric in a box. any ol scraps will do; in the course of cutting patterns and trimming edges, you'll be surprised how quickly the box will fill up. these will be your spellball "guts."

the outside of the spellball can be made from either larger scraps you have laying around or you can purchase fabric. if you have to purchase fabric, i highly reccomend checking the remnant sections of you local fabric stores, often times you can by remnants of the correct colors for extremely cheap.

once you've collected your materials, the rest is easy. grab a handful of spellball "guts" from your scrap box and ball them fairly densely. once you are happy with the size of your "guts" take a piece of your outside fabric and wrap around the "guts". cover the guts completely with the fabric and tie it off where the fabric gathers together.

the end result is a fairly aerodynamic spellball. i have found that the fabric insides make for a dense enough spellball so that it will fly and people will feel it, but soft enough that they are amtgard legal. happy spell casting!