Barbarian Revisions
(Marcus Daggersmith of Far Woods)

The Barbarian class seems to me to be a mismatched combination of a fighting class with a monster sub-race of humans. So described in this text are these two aspects of the Barbarian split in half: a class called the Berserker and a monster race called the Savage.
Essentially, the Berserker is the elite combat-intensive fighter (but is not barred from enchantments), and the Savage is a primitive humanoid race which doesn't think much of magic, relying instead on nature.
Note here that there are no abilities or immunities possessed except what is explicitly stated and that any Barbarian-like abilities listed below are most likely identical to them.

(alternate class)

Garb: A tunic or armor must be worn with 'violent' colors prominent (reds, maroons, blacks, browns).
Weapons: Any melee weapon.
Armor: None.
Shield: None.
Immunities: Cannot be held or subdued, magically or otherwise (exception -- healers stun spell).
Lives: 3 initially.
1st Level: May go berserk on last life.
2nd Level: 4 total lives.
3rd Level: Fight after death when berserk.
4th Level: 5 total lives.
5th Level: 6 total lives.
6th Level: May go berserk on last 2 lives.

(monster race)

Type: Standard
Q/M Ratio: 1:1
Armor: Up to 2 points and any size shield may be carried.
Attacks: Any melee weapon, rocks, throwing axe, javelin, short bow.
Abilities: 1) Heal Self once per life.
2) Cannot be made 'lost'.
Vulnerabilities: 1) May not carry enchantments.
2) May not carry relics other than Odin's Hammer.
Garb: Blue or brown cloth (earth tones), leather, fur, grasses, flowers, leaves, reeds, wood, native and aboriginal jewelry, and decorations, etc.
Description: Savages are primitive humanoids, knowing little of civilization, culture, or magic, but are very much in tune with nature.
Lives: 4 initially.
1st Level: Heal Self 1/life.
2nd Level: 5 total lives.
3rd Level: Cure Poison 1/life (usable on self only).
4th Level: 6 total lives.
5th Level: May use Heal and Cure Poison abilities on others.
6th Level: Cure Disease 1/game.