ADVENTURER - subclass of Scout

This class is very rough. This one is in the idea phase only... But w/ imagination you can see where I'm going w/ this...

Garb: Any, but must wear an orange belt
Weapons: Only daggers, must purchase others w/ Adventurer points.
Armor: Must purchase with points.
Shield: Must purchase...
Immunities: Must purchase...
1st 10 Adventurer points total.
2nd +12 Adventurer points (22 total).
3rd +14 Adventurer points (36 total).
4th +16 Adventurer points (52 total).
5th +18 Adventurer points (70 total).
6th +20 Adventurer points (90 total).
Adventurer Points may be spent the following ways:
poison - 10
traps - 5 (does not include Scout Entangle Trap)
magics that charm & control - 20
Death - 25 (as in the monk immunity)
Touch of Death, Vibrating Palm, and Spell of Wounding - 10
All things that subdue, magically or otherwise - 30 (not including Scout Entangle Trap)
Wizard Magic - 50 (as in the Paladin/Anti-Paladin ability, does not include...)
Druid Magic - 60 (does not include Entangle or any enchantments, includes Druidic magic used by Bards via Voice)
Healer Magic - 60 (does not include Entangle or any enchantments)
Bard Magic - 60 (does not apply to Druidic magic via Voice or any enchantments)
Extend Immunities to those you are touching - 40
Extend Immunities to friends w/in 10 ft. - 60
lives: (initial 3)
+1 life (total of 4) - 5 pts
+1 life (total of 5) - 10 pts (total 15)
+1 life (total of 6) - 15 pts (total 30)
+~1 life (total of 7) - 55 pts (total of 85)
Capacity To Perform Wizard Magic - 1
Capacity To Perform Druid Magic - 1
Capacity To Perform Healer Magic - 1
Capacity To Perform Bard Magic - 1
Capacity to Use Level 1 of a Specific Orientation : 2
Capacity to Use Level 2 of a Specific Orientation : 4
Capacity to Use Level 3 of a Specific Orientation : 8
Capacity to Use Level 4 of a Specific Orientation : 16
Capacity to Use Level 5 of a Specific Orientation : 32
Capacity to Use Level 6 of a Specific Orientation : 64
note: You do not have to purchase level 1 to get to level 2, etc.
Magic Points In Specific Orientation : (level) each, max 5/level.
note: higher level magic points of same orientation may be used for
lower level spells. You don[Otilde]t have to have the Capacity to use that level
to buy spellpoints for that level.
Melee Weapons
dagger skill - 0
staff skill - 1
spear skill -1
shortsword skill -1
nunchuku skill -1
any melee axe skill - 2
sword skill - 2
any polearm skill - 2
any club or mace skill - 2
longsword skill - 3
any flail/hinged skill - 3
Melee Universal (all melee weapons) - 12
Throwing/Missile Weapons
Capacity to Use - 2
javelin skill - 2
throwing rock/boulder skill - 3
throwing axe skill - 4
throwing weapon skill - 5
Capacity to Use - 5
shortbow - 0
longbow - 11
crossbow - 11
fire arrow - 5
stun arrow - 5
armor piercing - 11
penetration - 22
repair bow (1/life) - 5
Capacity to Use - 1
Small Round - 0
Medium + 2 (total 3, w/ capacity)
Large +4 (total 7, w/ capacity)
Capacity to Wear - 1
Max 1 pt. - 0 (total 1)
Max 2 pt. +2 (total 3)
Max 3 pt. +4 (total 7)
Max 4 pt. +6 (total 13)
Max 5 pt. +8 (total 18)
various abilities:
Berserk on last life - 10 pts
Berserk on last 2 lives + 20 pts (total 30)
Fight After Death when berserk - 15 pts
first aid and healing:
Carry/use 1 bandage - 4 pts
Carry/use an additional bandage (max 2) - 3 pts
Heal Self (1/life) - 6 pts
Heal Self (2/life) +15 (total 21)
touching attacks:
Touch of Death - 10 pts/per game (max 4)
Vibrating Palm - 11 pts/per game (max 4)
Poison Skill - 1
Cure poison on self - 2 pts/game (max 8)
Cure poison (others) - 5 pts/game (max 4)
Poison Weapon - 15 pts (identical to Assassin ability)
Antidote to the Poison - 15 pts (identical to Assassin ability)
Scouting Skill - 1
Obtain Information - 9 (identical to Scout ability)
Tracking - 18 (identical to Scout ability)
Entangle Trap - 15 pts/game (max 2)
Carry 2 Enchantments - 25 (once per game only)
mending skills
Enhance Weapon - 7 pts/game (max 4)
Repair Weapon - 5 pts/game (max 4)
Repair Shield - 7 pts/game (max 4)
monk skills
Transfer Life - 20 pts/game (max 4)
Turn Undead - 5 pts/game (max 8)
Sanctuary - 35 pts (1/life) (identical to Monk ability)
Give (Ability) - 1 specific ability/game, must have ability, costs (ability) x2

SAMURAI - subclass of Barbarian
Garb: Japanese style clothing.
Weapons: Katana(s), staff, any polearm or spear. Later javelin, short & longbow.
Armor: Three points.
Shield: Any, initially. Later, none.
1) Cannot be held or subdued, magically or otherwise.
2) Cannot be made "lost".
3) May not carry enchantments.
4) May not carry relics.
1st - 1 less life than other classes (total of 3).
May go berserk on last life.
May block projectiles with weapons w/o penalty.
2nd - 1 additional life (total of 4).
May use short bow & javelin.
3rd - Immune to poison, touch of death, and spell of wounding.
4th - May no longer use any shield.
Immune to Healer Stun.
Fight after death when berserk.
5th - Heal Self once per life.
5 total lives.
6th - Protection from Death.
Transfer Life (once per game), or may use longbow.

DUELIST - subclass of Warrior
Garb: Tunic or tabard composed of red and black, appropriate colored sash.
Weapons: One-handed non-red sword(s) less than 4 ft. in total length.
Armor: One point, initially. Later, none.
Shield: Small round only for first level.
Notes: May not carry any enchantments. May not be enchanted. May not wield
any relics.
1st - no sash 1 Luck per game, 1 Dueling Pistol per game.
2nd - white sash May no longer use any shield.
1 Luck per life.
3rd - black sash May no longer wear armor.
1 Dueling Pistol per life.
4th - red sash 1 Duelist's Blade per game.
1 Arrogance per game.
5th - red & black sash Duelist's Blades twice per game.
Immunity to Bardic Legend & Lore, and any Yield.
6th - red, black, & white 1 Deadly Pistol per game.
Immunity to Stun, Wounding & Hold Person.
1) Luck - one point of overall invulnerability (which the duelist chooses when to activate) that cancels any one strike, verbal magic, or any effect that targets or otherwise harms the duelist. This is not a magical effect. Luck will not defend against effects that target the duelist's possessions.
2) Dueling Pistol - the duelist must have nothing in his right hand, make a gun out of his hand, point it at the target and shout (loud enough to be heard for 100 ft. radius) "Bang!". The target immediately loses a limb of the targets choice, regardless of armor (magical or otherwise). It will remove only a single point of invulnerability. The target must have been within 10 ft. Has no effect on already injured targets. Monks 4th level and above are immune (deflect bullet with hands/weapons).
3) Duelist's Blade - the duelist ties a braided red/white/black cloth to one of his swords. Until the duelist loses his life, that sword (when wielded by the duelist) does +1 damage and passes through all enchantments (ignoring Protects, Stoneskins, Hardens, etc), regardless of the nature of those enchantments. This is not a magical effect but a skill.
4) Arrogance - the duelist throws down his weapons and shouts "I am the greatest warrior of all time!" x2, while pointing at target. Target must march with duelist out of the way of action and listen to the duelist explain how bloody great he is and describe his awesome victories and battles for 300 seconds and may not initiate attacks (but may defend himself) during the duration. If any one of the target's teammates kills the duelist while Arrogance is in effect, the target must attack the killer until either the killer or the target is slain. After Arrogance wears off, the target must allow the Duelist safe passage either back to where he discarded his sword(s) or to th"e duellists home.
5) Deadly Pistol - similar to Dueling Pistol, except duelist shouts "Bang! You're dead!" and target is slain (regardless of armor, but invulnerabilities merely lose a point). Previous injuries are irrelevant. Target must be within 10 ft. This is not a magical effect. Monks 4th level and above are immune (deflect bullet with weapons/hands).

PIKEMAN (subclass of warrior)
Garb: Grey tunic and black headband.
Weapons: Any javelin, polearm, and spear. May also carry a single short sword or dagger (less than 3 feet), a single mace (less than 3 feet) or a single flail (less than 3 feet total length).
Armor: Up to 3 points.
Shield: None, initially. Later, a small shield.
1st- 5 lives.
2nd- 1 stun javelin (reusable).
1 flame javelin (reusable).
May "Improve Polearm / Spear" once per game. This allows all attacks
with said polearm to deal an additional point of damage.
3rd- +1 damage with all javelins.
May deflect arrows with spears, polearms, and javelins with no penalty.
4th- Armor piercing thrust (1/game)
5th- Improve Polearm / Spear becomes 2/game
6th- Heal self once per life.
Armor piercing thrust becomes 2/game, or may carry a small shield.

Improve Polearm / Spear - This ability, which lasts until the target weapon is destroyed or until the Pikeman loses his life, makes the polearm or spear do an additional point of damage. It is assumed that this is because the weapon is of superior quality.

Armor-Piercing Thrust - This ability, which is initiated by a single stab with a polearm or spear and a shout of "A-P Thrust!", ignores all armor on target, or destroys struck shield in one blow.

TAOIST MAGICIAN (subclass of druid)

The Taoist Magicians were earth's first great scientists. Their astounding abilities were often mistaken as magic by the common man. Some of their inventions include: the compass, silk, the hang-glider, herbal medicine, magnetic fields, and much more - all literally thousands of years before they would be stumbled on in the West. Much like the European quest for the alchemical philosopher's stone, their quest for the secret to eternal life lead them to discover many interesting chemicals and applications - including gunpowder and working butane torches, again thousands of years before either would be discovered by Western scientists. But far from the image of today's cold, rational scientist, the Taoist Magicians studied and worshipped nature, and sought ultimate oneness and inner peace, all in their quest for longevity. They penetrated the spiritual mysteries of many religions and magics, attempting to divine universal guiding principles common of all that they could better manipulate. The pinnacle of this study is the Lionsword, a legendary weapon which was created by a combination of alchemy, ceremony, and smithing, and was wielded by Taoist avatars to perform great deeds. The Taoist Magicians even developed powerful martial arts to further their control of their bodies, as well as defend themselves.
Garb: May wear only brown and green earth-toned garb, except must wear bright (possibly fluorescent) orange sash.
Weapons: May carry only dagger(s) less than 18 inches long (at first)
Armor: None.
Shield: None at first.
Limitations: The Taoist Magician may never carry any enchantments or relics.
1st- May carry 1 Ball of Fire (reusable), 1 Smoke per life.
2nd- May carry an additional Ball of Fire (for a total of two) or Lionsword once
per game.
Immune to woodland charm.
May carry one First Aid bandage, as in the Scout ability.
3rd- May purchase 2 points of Druidic magic (level one only), or wear 1-pt. armor on any/every location.
2 Smokes per life.
Immune to the spells Sleep, Mass Sleep, Lost, and Yield.
4th- 3 Smokes per life, or an aDdditional Lionsword per game.
May purchase 3 more points of Druidic magic (level one or level two), or
carry a small, round shield.
Immune to disease. This includes lycantheropy.
5th- May purchase 2 more points of Druidic magic (levels 1-3), or carry any number of throwing weapons.
Immune to poison.
May cure poison on other, once per game, as in the Scout ability.
6th- May purchase 3 more points of Druidic magic (levels 1-4), or Lionsword
and additional time per game.
May wield any polearm, spear, or staff with a length of 5 ft. or more.
Vibrating Palm (identical to Monk Ability) once per game.

Ball of Fire - Taoist Magician holds the Ball of Fire in both hands while chanting "Ball of Fire 1" ... "Ball of Fire 15". Now the ball is prepared - before throwing, the magician must chant "Ignite!" x 5, and then throw. If Ball of Fire is not released within 5 seconds of being ignited, the magician is considered to be struck by the ball in the arm holding the ball. If Ball of Fire strikes a limb, the limb is lost (regardless of armor). The target must then stop, drop, and roll (within 5 seconds of being struck) or die. If Ball of Fire strikes a weapon, the weapon is considered Heated (as in Heat Weapon - however, this effect is nonmagical) for 300 seconds. If Ball of Fire strikes a shield, treat it as if the shield was struck by a flame arrow. If Ball of Fire strikes the torso, there is immediate death. The Ball of Fire should be of standard spell ball construction. It should be colored orange. Ball of Fire counts as a flame arrow with respect to damaging siege weapons. A singleh Ball of Fire will negate a Entangle or Iceball effect on impact. All aspects of the Ball of Fire are nonmagical. Protection from Flame will defend against this. A beserk Barbarian slain by a Ball of Fire does get a Fight After Death, but must must stop, drop, and roll during his Fight After Death or is killed permenantly after five seconds.

Smoke - Taoist Magician throws down a small pouch and shouts "Smoke!". He may then walk approx. fifty feet (and may not be followed, except by Scouts with Tracking) in a straight line in any direction. He may not be hurt while he walks, and may not attack nor speak with anyone. When he arrives, he must say "Arriving" x 5. Smoke is a nonmagical class ability. It may not be dispelled.

Lionsword - Lionsword allows the magician to carry a single sword (indicated with a yellow/orange braided cloth tied around the blade) between 2 and 4 feet for one life. This sword may not be targeted by any enchantments or spells. The Lionsword does +1 damage vs. armor (but is not considered a red weapon and does not destroy shields) and may be used to deflect all arrows, spell-balls, and white projectiles with no ill-effect to the wielder or weapon. It also grants the wielder total immunity to all verbal magics. Lionsword is a nonmagical ability that may not be dispelled.

SHAOLIN PRIEST (subclass of Monk)
Garb: Must wear an orange & gray braided sash on level one.
Must wear an orange & black braided sash on higher levels.
Weapons: Any polearm, staff, or spear (except shield hybrids), any swords below 4 ft. No hinged weapons except for nunchuku. May use thrown weapons, javelin, and short bow. Note: Use of some weapons will reduce available chi points.
Armor: None.
Shield: None.
1st Only 3 lives.
2nd 4 lives.
3rd Immune to Assassin's Touch of Death, Vibrating Palm, and Spell of Wounding.
4th Immune to poison.
5th Immune to all magics that charm & control.
6th Immune to traps.

Chi Points Lost (per 10 pts)
Daggers under 18 inches 0
Short Sword under 3 ft. 1 ea.
Staff under 5 ft. 0
Any polearm or spear 1
Nunchuku 0
Staff 5 ft. or over 1
Sword under 4 ft. 2 ea.
Throwing weapons 1 ea.
Short Bow 6
Single Stun Arrow 3 (May not carry more than one)
Single Fire Arrow 4 (May not carry more than one)
Javelin 2 ea.
Note: The Priest may not carry more than 10 pts worth of gear.

Chi Points:
1 2 3 4 5 6
1st 10 - - - - -
2nd 10 10 - - - -
3rd 10 10 10 - - -
4th 7 8 7 8 - -
5th 6 6 6 6 6 -
6th 5 5 5 5 5 5
Note: Chi Powers that resemble enchantments do not count towards the total enchantments the Priest may carry, nor towards each other unless specified within the power's notes.
Additional Note: All Chi Powers are nonmagical and may not be dispelled.

chi/use max. type
level 1
Shaolin Weapon Training - 5 4 per game
Rite of Passage - 1 8 per game
Body Control - 2 1 per life
Lesser Intuition - 2 1 -
level 2
Push Hands - 2 4 per game
Evade - 5 4 per game
Lesser Invocation - 5 4 per game
Vibrating Palm - 2 4 per game
level 3
Cure Poison - 4 4 per game
Lesser First Aid - 5 1 -
Greater Intuition - 1 1 -
level 4
Sanctuary - 1 4 per game
Pass Life - 1 1 per game
Turn Undead - 1 8 per game
Greater Invocation - 5 3 per game
level 5
Oneness - 1 1 -
Greater First Aid - 3 1 -
Stone Ox Form - 5 1 per game
level 6
Heightened Body Control - 2 1 per life
Iron Palm Strike - 2 2 per game
Mantis Chitin Form - 5 1 per game

Level 1
Shaolin Weapon Training - Shaolin ties orange strip of cloth around one of his weapons. This weapon now does an additional point of damage vs. all armor types for the rest of the Priest's life. Uses per game.
Rite of Passage - Priest touches body of player who has been slain with Finger of Death, Curse, Touch of Death (spell, not assassin ability), Killing Grounds, Mutual Destruction, Doomsday or any other type of death magic within the past 100 seconds. Priest then chants "Rite of Passage" x 10. Dead person is immediately revived, as if the death effect had never occurred; all wounds, etc, are still in place.
Body Control - Priest meditates for 100 seconds to heal self. Alternately, the Shaolin may say a 100-word poem. The Shaolin may use this ability once per life.
Lesser Intuition - This gives the Shaolin the ability to deflect all projectile weapons with weapons with no penalty.
Level 2
Push Hands - Priest says "Push Hands" x 20 to charge Push Hands, and then ties an orange cloth around his wrist or palm. While holding nothing in the selected hand, the Priest may release the charge by shouting "Push Hands!". Selected target (who must be within 20 ft.) must react as if affected by the "Shove" spell (i.e. move 20 ft. in the direction pushed (directly away from the caster), etc.) All restrictions that apply with the Shove spell apply to Push Hands, even though Push Hands is
a skill and is nonmagical.
Evade - Evade is a point of overall invulnerability which is effective only versus nonmagical melee and missile weapons. Only one point may be used per life, may only be used on self. When struck, must shout "Evade!" to indicate that the point was expended. This point must be indicated by an orange/white braided cloth tied to the Priest, which is initiated by chanting "Evade" x 5. Evade may be stacked with either Lesser Invocation or Greater Invocation, but not with Stone Ox Form, Mantis Chitin Form, or more Evades. Evade is used per game.
Lesser Invocation - The Priest drops all weapons, sits, and meditates for a vocal count of 100 seconds. At the end of this count, the priest ties on an orange headband and now has a single point of overall invulnerability vs. all any and all types of magic. The Priest can stack this with Evade, but no more then a single point of Lesser Invocation may be carried at a single time. Lesser Invocation is per game.
Vibrating Palm - Identical to Monk Vibrating Palm, but each point purchased is once per game.
Level 3
Cure Poison - The Priest's knowledge of herbalism and medicine has given him the ability to cure poisons. The Priest may cure himself or another person by touching them and saying "Cure Poison" x 10. This ability is per game.
Lesser First Aid - The Priest's knowledge of herbalism and medicine has given him the ability to execute First Aid identical to the first level scout ability. The Priest may carry only one first aid bandage.
Greater Intuition - Gives the Shaolin the ability to deflect all projectile weapons with hands with no penalty. For this ability to work, the Shaolin must have also purchased Lesser Intuition.
Level 4
Sanctuary - Identical to the Monk Sanctuary ability. Per game.
Pass Life - Identical to the Monk Transfer Life ability. Per game.
Turn Undead - Identical to the Monk ability. Per game.
Greater Invocation - The Priest drops all weapons, sits, and meditates for a vocal count of 100 seconds. At the end of this count, the priest ties on an orange and white braided headband and now has a single point of overall invulnerability to all sorts of attacks, including verbal magics. This ability may be stacked with Evasion, but not with Lesser Invocation. Greater Invocation is per game.
Level 5
Oneness - The Priest ties on an orange and yesllow braided cloth around his waist. If he is slain by any Death magics (Curse, Finger of Death, etc), he dies as normal, but returns in 50 seconds in the same spot slain, or at the Priest's base (Shaolin's choice) with no loss of life total. Also, Oneness renders the Priest immune to all abilities that steal lives and to the spell Sever Spirit.
Greater First Aid - This gives the Priest an additional First Aid bandage. If Lesser First Aid has not been purchased, then it is only a single bandage. If it has been purchased, then the Shaolin may carry and use a second bandage (as a 2nd level scout).
Stone Ox Form - A kung fu that grants the Priest a single point of overall, locational invulnerability. The Shaolin may invoke Stone Ox Form only one life per game, and may not use Evade, Mantis Chitin Form, Lesser Invocation, or Greater Invocation during that life. Before his life actually begins, the Priest ties on a red and orange braided arm band on each arm. Stone Ox Form demands that the Priest cannot run, wield weapons longer than 3 feet long, or use any throwing weapons, javelin, or bow.
Level 6
Heightened Body Control - The Priest may heal self an additional time. If Body Control has not been purchased, this is once per life. Otherwise, it is twice per life.
Iron Palm Strike - After chanting "Iron Palm" x 20, the Priest must tie a yellow and orange braided cloth to his wrist or palm. While no weapon is in that hand, the Priest may strike either a weapon (which destroys it and does no damage to the Priest), a shield (which destroys it), or armor (which destroys all armor at that location). The Shaolin must shout "Iron Palm!"; when the effect is activated. Per game.
Mantis Chitin Form - This kung fu gives the Priest a single point of overall, locational invulnerability. If any point is lost, but the limb/torso below it is undamaged (or healed), the invulnerabilgity regenerates after 100 seconds. The Shaolin may invoke this kung fu only one life per game, and may not use Evade, Stone Ox Form, Lesser Invocation, or Greater Invocation during that life. Before his life actually begins, the Priest ties on a white and orange arm band to each arm. Mantis Chitin Form demands that the Shaolin cannot speak (unless ordered to by a reeve) or communicate through gestures or otherwise with any teammates or opponents. The exception here is a yes or no in response to Scout Tracking.

ILLUSIONIST (subclass of Wizard)
Garb: Must wear a yellow sash. Must always carry a wand.
Weapons: Daggers, throwing weapons, staff, or spear. Note: Use of some weapons will reduce available magic points.
Armor: None.
Shield: None.
1st Only 3 lives. Ambidextrous.
2nd 4 lives.
3rd None.
4th None.
5th None.
6th None.

Magic Points Losst (per 10 pts)
Daggers under 18 inches 0
Staff under 5 ft. 2
Spear under 5 ft. 2
Staff 5 ft. or over 4
Spear 5 ft. or over 4
Throwing weapons 1 ea.
Note: The Illusionist may not carry more than 10 pts worth of gear.

Illusionist Spells & Spell Descriptions
Level 1 cost max type
Lost 1 4 per game
Illusionary Sword 1 - neutral - always active
Shove 1 4 per game
Sleep 1 4 per life
Clairvoyance 2 2 per game
Dazzle 1 1 bolt
Ambidexterity 0 - neutral
Glow 1 1 per life
Touch of Sleep 1 4 per game
Level 2
Confusion 1 4 per game
Mass Sleep 2 4 per game
Extension 1 4 per game
Blink 1 2 per life
Displacement 2 4 per game
Level 3
Fumble 2 2 per life
Blinding 1 4 per game
Vanish 2 4 per game
Telekinesis 2 4 per game
Illusionary Wall 1 2 per game
Level 4
Feeblemind 1 4 per game
Dispel Magic 2 4 per game
Hypnotic Pattern 4 4 per game
Counterspell 1 2 per life
Yield 2 4 per game
Level 5
Hallucinatory Death 2 4 per life
Illusionary Beast 2 4 per game
Teleport 2 4 per game
Shimmer 1 4 per game
Magic Bolt 1 1 bolt
Charm 1 2 per life
Level 6
Emotion Control 2 2 per game
Veil 1 1 per life
Possession 2 2 per game
Master of Illusion 1 - neutral
Illusionist's Defend 1 4 per game
Manifestation 5 1 per game

Note about Illusionist spells: Certain Illusionist spells of charm and control fully effect parties that would otherwise be immune to these spells. These cases are specifically mentioned in the body of a spell - if a class is not listed as innately immune to an Illusionist spell, then it is not.

Illusionary Sword - Neutral
Illusionist may carry and wield a single sword, not longer than four feet, which costs no spell points as a weapon normally would. This sword does no damage to: players of equal or higher level or Monks of third level or higher. The sword is a legal target of all spells that would affect it if it were a normal sword. However, any damage, destruction, or modification of the sword may be willfully repealed by the illusionist immediately at his base or nirvana. If the sword is enchanted or otherwise augmented to do increased damage, it still has no effect at all on players of equal or higher level, or Monks 3+.

Hypnotic Pattern - Spell
Caster shouts name of target within 20 ft. and begins gestures with empty hands. As long as caster does not move, does not stop gesturing with empty hands, and chants "Mesmerize", the target must rigidly freeze and may not move in any way. Barbarians and monks above 2nd level are immukne.

Touch of Sleep - Enchantment
Caster attatches yellow ribbon to target and chants, "Touch of Sleep" x 20. Otherwise identical to "Touch of Death" enchantment, except a) it is a magic of charm and control, b) target doesn't die, but falls asleep for 300 count. That sleep is magical, as in the sleep spell. The sleeper may not be harmed while asleep. Monks 3+ and barbarians are immune. Indicated with a yellow cloth or ribbon.




Mass Sleep



Emotion Control



Dispel Magic

Magic Bolt



Illusionary Wall - fixed enchantment
Can create illusionary wall of fire, wall of thorns, or wall of stone. Wall of fire & thorns obey normal rules for those walls, but if touched by monk 3+ or equal/higher level player, the wall is dispelled. Barbarians may pass through all walls as if they do not exist, bOut this does not dispel the wall. Wall of Stone is an impassable wall that blocks all attacks and takes 10 red weapon hits to be destroyed, 3 white weapon hits, or 1 sphere of annihilation. People on either side of the wall may not target verbal magics across the wall.

Fumble - spell
Caster shouts "Fumble and Fall"; x3 or "Fumble thine weapons!" x3 at target. Target either falls to ground (rear on turf) or drops all held-in-hand weapons, accordingly. Monks above 2nd level and Barbarians are immune. Range: 20 ft.

Blink - spell
Caster says "Blinking eyes do not see my swift passage" x2 and then may walk up to fifty feet in any direction (straight line) without being followed. Must say "Arriving" x 5 when arrived. While blinking, caster is immune to all attacks except global effects (Doomsday, Mass Sleep, Killing Grounds, Wind, etc.) tha't he is in the range of.

Vanish - spell
Caster says "May that (item name) vanish!" and target item possessed by another player is "destroyed" - actually, it has disappeared and reappeared at nirvana or the player who possesses that item's home (player's choice). The item may not be mended to be retrieved. May not be cast on quest items or important game effects. Items held by monks above 2nd level are immune to this spell. Range: 20 ft.

Shimmer - enchantment
Each point of Shimmer is a point of overall invulnerability. Note - attacks of monks above second level and players of equal or higher level to that of Shimmer's caster pass through Shimmer as if it didn't exist. May be simulcast up to four times. Indicated with a yellow cloth or ribbon.

Illusionary Beast - enchantment
The illusionist creates an illusionary beast as if one had been conjured per the wizard spell. A teammate willingly accepts the transformational enchantment and gains the stats (until slain or until the enchantment is dispelled) of the appropriate creature (for legal creatures, see the Wizard spell Transform). This creature may be disbelieved (and the enchantment thusly dispelled) by being struck or touched by a monk of 3rd level or above or a player of equal or greater level than the caster. The recipient of this enchantment does not have to sacrifice any lives to receive the effect.

Blinding - spell
The caster says "From my heart I strike out thine eyes" x 2 and target player must shut his eyes tightly so that he cannot see. The player should probably not move, but may move if he wishes. The effect wears off after 100 seconds. This spell may be cast while moving. Monks of 3rd level and above, scouts with tracking, and other illusionists are immune. Note: This spell may be optionally denied by the reeve of the day. If so, treat it as Wounding instead. Range: 20 ft.

Displacement - enchantment
Target player gains one po#int of overall invulnerability. Once this point is lost, the enchantment is dispelled. May not be simulcast. Indicated with a yellow cloth or ribbon.

Veil - spell
The illusionist chants "Veil" - as long as "Veil" is chanted, no weapons touched, or spells attempted to be cast, the illusionist is effectively under monk "Sanctuary".

Counterspell - spell
While the verbal component of a spell is being cast, Illusionist shouts "I counter that spell!". The spell counts as cast, but no effect is generated. Versus a spell ball being charged, the target would merely need to resume charging. Has no effect on magic past the verbal stage (i.e., could not counter a spell ball being thrown or a touch of death's activation, only the charging of the spell ball / touch of death) Range : 50 ft.

Possession - spell
Caster touches target and says "Possession". Illusionist gains class abilities and current stats of target player (but loses all illusionist class abilities, other than the ability to return), that player must sit motionless and uncommunicative until Illusionist again touches target, saying "Returning". Illusionist must return in 300 seconds (five minutes) or will die with no ill effect to target player. If illusionist dies before returning, both illusionist and targeted player die. It is the illusionists duty to inform the target player of this demise. If target player dies before illusionist returns, illusionist may not return and thusly dies after 300 seconds. Monks 3rd and above and players of equal or higher level are immune to this spell.

Telekinesis - spell
Caster points at target item that is: a game effect, an item owned by the caster, or an item owned by a teammate which the caster has permission to carry. The caster then says "Come to me (item name)" x 3. The caster then may walk to that item, get it, and return to the spot where he stood when he cast it. While he retrieves this item, he is immune to all attacks within 20 ft. (as in Sanctuary). He may forcibly remove game effects from target players with this spell. Range: 50 ft.

Hallucinatory Death - spell
Caster points at target and says "I will thee dead!" x 5. Target dies. This death does not count as a loss of a life, however. Monks above 3rd level are immune. Counts as a magic of charm/control, not a death magic. Range: 50 ft.

Clairvoyance - spell
Caster chants "Clairvoyance" x 5, and then may immediately ask any Yes/No question which must be answered truthfully. Reeves, monsters, dead people, Muted people, Liplocked people, etc, may be asked. Identical to active effect of scout Tracking. Magical effect. Does not render illusionist immune to traps or able to follow teleporting assassin.

Dazzle - spell
Caster holds bolt in either hand, chanting "Color Spray" x 5. Thrown bolt deals subdual blow to location hit. Barbarians, Monks 3+, and pllayers of equal or higher level than the caster are immune. The bolt must be rainbow colored.

Glow - enchantment
Illusionist attatches yellow strip to item, chanting "I imbue thee with the light of the fire within, a glow which cannot be extinguished," x2. Item now casts light equal to that of a torch. Note: This enchantment is only meaningful in roleplaying scenarios. Note: A weapon with Glow cast on it counts as a magical weapon, even though it does no additional damage.

Master of Illusion - The illusionist may spend a single point of magic to gain 4 pts usable only for level 5 and below. This does not allow the illusionist to take over the max in any spell.

Illusionist's Defend - The illusionist may place this enchantment on himself w/o it counting towards his limit of one enchantment per person or restricting him from casting magics. The Illusionist's Defend places a single point of "Displacement" (see above) on the caster and renders the caster immune to all magics which charm and control, as in the Monk ability. Unlike the Monk ability, the caster may select which charms he wishes to succumb to (such as Emotion Control, etc) at specific times. This immunity extends to protect the Illusionist from all spells with specify "Monks above second level are immune". To indicate this, the caster must wear a yellow headband.

Manifestation - The illusionist sacrifices all of his lives, immediately, at the beginning of the game. He is now in "limbo", with 300 seconds worth of "ectoplasm". At any time he may manifest, anywhere (except within 20 ft. of nirvana, a flag, or base. Also may not manifest within a circle of protection or anti-magic zone.), and carry out his normal actions. He may not physically touch anything, except with the "illusionairy sword" neutral. To manifest, he must announce "Manifest 1" ... "Manifest 5" (over a period of five seconds - ie each time he manifests he uses 5 seconds worth of ectoplasm). He may return to limbo by announcing "Limbo!". While he is "manifested", each second that passes uses a second[Otilde]s worth of ectoplasm. He may cast spells, talk, and interact as normal. All attacks effect him, and if he is slain he is forced back into "limbo". There are several special cases:
a. Sever Spirit - Forces him back into limbo. Burns 10 seconds worth of ectoplasm. He may not return for at least 10 seconds.
b. Banish - Forces him back into limbo. Burns 10 seconds worth of ectoplasm. He may not return for at least 10 seconds.
c. Dispell Magic - Forces him back into limbo. Burns 25 seconds worth of ectoplasm. He may not return for at least 25 seconds.
d. Sphere of Annhilation - Forces him back into limbo. Burns 25 seconds worth of ectoplasm. He may not return for at least 25 seconds.
e. Turn Undead (monk ability) - Forces him back into limbo. Does not burn any ectoplasm, and caster may return immediately.
f. Counterspell - If cast during the "Manifest 1" ... "Manifest 5" segment, aborts the manifestation attempt. May attempt again immediately, but must start again from "Manifest 1"
g. Entangle/Iceball/Petrify/Stun/(any subdual blow or sleep spell) - Instantly knock the manifestation back into limbo. Otherwise, they have no effect.
h. Feeblemind - Will kill the illusionist outright, burning all remaining seconds worth of ectoplasm.
i. Transfer Life - This monk ability will terminate the manifestation, bringing the illusionist to life, with only one life. All per life spells refresh in this new life.
j. Resurrect - When the illusionist recieves a Resurrect spell, all of his per-life spells refresh as if he had begun a new life. Per game spells still don[Otilde]t refresh.
Reminder: While in limbo, the illusionist is immune to all attacks, period. He is effectively invisible in this state. Other illusionists in limbo, illusionists in Veil, scouts with tracking, monks in sanctuary, druids in Commune, and people within Circles of Protection may all see or detect the illusionist in limbo. This does NOT mean they may affect him in any way. They can[Otilde]t. The illusionist becomes visible at the call of "Manifest 1". The illusionist may be affected by attacks and spells only after the call of "Manifest 5". The exception here is Counterspell.
Note: This spell requires a stopwatch. Without it, the illusionist may NOT cast this spell. No exceptions, period.
Additional Notes: The caster may not cast Telekinesis while under Manifestation, but may cast all other spells (as long as spell points have been properly spent). The caster has effectively only one life, so spells that refresh every life now never refresh (the exception here is Resurrect). If the caster returns to l'imbo (willfully or by force), all wounds on him are healed, all enchantments dispelled, all effects nullified unless otherwise mentioned above. This means the illusionist may not carry a charged spell bolt into Limbo, nor may he charge a spell bolt in Limbo.

Garb: The thief must wear garb with a hood, such as a hooded cloak or tunic. The thief may not wear any bright colors. The thief must also carry a set of tools somewhere on his person to use certain abilities.
Weapons: The thief may wield any daggers or throwing daggers. The thief may also carry a single short melee weapon under 3 feet in lenth, but if he does he loses his ability to use Agility while carrying the weapon.
Armor: None, initially. Later, may use up to two points. Note: The use of armor negates all use of Agility for that life.
Shield: None, initially. Later, may use a small, round shield. Note: The use of a shield negates all use of Agility while carrying' the shield.
1st- May carry and use throwing weapons
Immune to spell, Honor Duel
May Hide In Shadows once per life
Pick Pocket once per life
2nd- Agility once per life
Disarm Trap once per life
Sabotage once per game
3rd- May carry and use small round shield, but loses Agility while doing it
May Move Silently once per life
4th- May wear a single point of armor, at loss of all Agility for that life
Sabotage becomes twice per game
Disarm Trap becomes automatic
Hide In Shadows becomes twice per life
5th- Steal once per life
Reusable poison dagger, melee only.
Agility becomes twice per life
6th- May wear up to two points of armor, at a loss of all Agility for that life
Charm once per game or
Touch of Death (as in the assassin ability) once per game
Bluff once per life

Hide In Shadows - Once per life (later, twice per life), the thief may sit down or kneel (holding no weapons) and pull his hood over his head. The thief must be in a patch of shade to do this. In this state, the thief is considered immune to all attacks within 20 ft, as in Commune. The effect ends when the thief either touches a weapon, gets up, or removes the hood from his head. While using this ability, the thief should chant "Hiding".

Pick Pocket - The thief touches victim and says "Pick Pocket". The victim must then give the thief all game effects, flags, and quest items that are in his possession but not being held in his hands. The victim may not attack the thief, nor may the thief attack the victim, until after this transaction is complete and the thief is at least ten feet away from the victim. This ability may not be used on someone who is in melee combat.

Agility - The thief may negate a single blow (regardless of damage) from any melee or missile weapon (but not verbal magic or effect) by shouting "Agility!". This will stop even a Sphere of Annhilation or a white weapon attack.

Disarm Trap - As long as the thief is carrying his tools, he may (even after the fact) disarm any trap by saying "Disarm Trap!". At one point, this may be done only once per life. Later, this may be done infinitely as long as the thief[Otilde]s tools are intact. This does not apply to the scout entangle trap ability.

Sabotage - As long as the thief is carrying his tools, he may touch a siege weapon or shield and shout "Sabotage!", which does not destroy it but causes it to destroy itself after the next time it is used or struck by a weapon.

Move Silently - The thief may chant "Move Silently", and while he does is effectively under Monk Sanctuary. He may not be holding any weapons while he does this. Before he can initiate Move Silently, he must chant "Silent Move" x 5. While Moving Silently, he must chant "Moving Silently". To end it, he must chant "Arriving" x 5. He cannot be followed while using this ability, except by a Scout with Tracking.

Steal - The thief points at a target within 20 ft. and says "(name or class), I steal that (item)" x 1. The item is effectively destroyed. If the thief is killed or subdued by the target player, or if the player touches the thief[Otilde]s dead or subdued body, the item is restored. The player may alternately get a duplicate from his home or nirvana. The thief may not steal something that is being used, like a sword whenN someone is fighting or a spellbook when someone is casting spells, nor may he steal flags, game effects, or quest items, but otherwise has no restrictions for legal targets. Monks 3rd and above are immune.

Charm - The thief, through superior charismatic and persuasive skills, may effectively execute a bardic Charm once per game. This is a non-magical skill, but Monks 3rd and above are still immune. (Note: The thief may instead take Touch of Death, as in the assassin ability, once per game.)

Bluff - The thief has gotten so reputable, once per life he may say, "(name or class), do you really wanna do this?", to someone within 20 ft. That person may not attack the thief, target the thief with spells, and will avoid the thief in general, for 100 seconds. This ability does not work versus other level six thieves, level six assassins, or monks level 3rd and above.



GARB: A dark colored tunic or tabbard. The thief must carry a medium or large bag. Midnight blue is the guild color for donoting MASTERHOOD.

WEAPONS: Any single handed sword under 4 feet in length, on any single handed club under 3 feet in lenght. Any hand hold dagger, throwing daggers.
The thieves bag may be filled with foam and used as a stun weapon, but the bag itself must be held, it cannot be swung by the drawstring. The bag may be
used to block.

ARMOR: Up to 2 points may be worn initially. The armor must be made of leather or cloth, but may include studs, rings, or scales.



1st: Steal object once per life.
Hide in shadows once per life.
2nd: Find and disarm traps.
Hinderance once per life.
3rd: Additional steal object per life (total of 2 per life).
Escape once per battle.
Climb surfaces
4th:Additional hide in shadows per life (total 2 per life).
Open locks.
5th: Additional steal objeet per life (total of 3 per life).
May wear 3 point armor (restrictions still apply).
Additional escape per battle (total of 2 per battle).
6th: Cover trait once per life.
Additional ability from lower level (excluding increasing armor).


1.STEAL OBJECT: Range 20', must say "I steal that (object)" x3. The object may be retrieved from the thief within a 100 count by making the thief
return or drop the object. The thief may drop the object at any time during the initial 100 count by saying "I drop this (object)" once. The owner of
the object may then stop for a count of 5 to pick up their object. If the item it not retrieved, then the victim must go back to their base to get another,
but any enchantments carried on the object are lost. It takes a 100 count to get another object. this ability simulates a theft, it does not allow the thief
access to other people's equipment. This ability does not work on game items, garb, armor, enchanted shields, or any item that was in use when the
"Theft Chant" began.
2.HIDE IN SHADOWS: Thief must enter shadows, let go of their weapons and say "hide in shadows" x2. Letting go of weapons means putting them
down, placing them in a belt ring, or having thongs tied around the pommels and your wrist. Under no circumstances may the thief carry the
weapons in his hands or under his arms while hiding. The thief must continue to recite "hiding..hiding" the entire time that he is hidden. While
hiding, the thief may move around freely, as long as he stays in the shadows, continues chanting, and does not approach within 15 foot of an enemy
that is not hidden or 20 feet of any base. Hidden includes "hide in shadows," "commune," "phaseout," "teleport," inside a "plant door" or, "circle of
protection." If an enemy approaches within 15 feet of a hiding thief, the thief must either remain still or move away from them, without breaking any
of the other restrictions. Any stadow that the thief is hiding in must be fairly large and completely stationary. Thieves may not hide while carrying
game objects, or within a 100 count of stealing a special object, such as a spellbook or an enchanted item.
3.FIND AND DISARM TRAPS: The thief can determine the presence of any trap. The thief must say "find traps" x5, and then call for a reeve to
determine if there are any traps present. To disarm a trap, tho thief must say "disarm trap" x10. The trap is then rendered non-functional. The thief
may locate any trap, including magical traps, but may only disarm non-magical traps. The ability does not work against the Scout entagle trap.
4.HINDERANCE: To get away while being chased, the thief must say "slip away" x3. This may be said while moving. This causes all pursuers to halt
for a count of 10 while they try to figure out which way the thief went. Scouts of 4th level or higher are immune to this ability.
5.ESCAPE: The thief may escape after having been captured by saying "slip these bonds" xl0. The thief may then go on as normal. If the thief decides
to feign being tied up, he may do so, and it is undetectable by anyone that is watching.
6.CLIMB SURFACES: Thieves may scale any wall, tree, cliff, etc. by saying "climb walls" xl0. The thief is then considered to be on top of the
surface in question, and may only be attacked by ranged attacks while "on the surface". To climb down, the thief must again say "climb walls" x10.
This ability may be combined with "hide in shadows."
7.OPEN LOCKS: The thief may open any locked chest, d
oor, etc. by saying "open locks" x20. He may then go through the door, take the contents of
the chest, etc. He may relock the object by saying "close locks" x20. This ability does not remove any traps associated with the lock.
8.COVER TRAIL: By saying "I cover my trail" x10, the thief becomes immune to tracking for 5 minutes, and cannot be tracked after that time if he
remains stationary. This ability may be combined with "hide in shadows," and "climb surfaces."
9.Thieves are immune to all forms of "honor duel." There is no honor among thieves.

The Thief class was developed in DragonSpine by Lord [Sir] Alaeric Sigurdsson. It has been approved for play in DragonSpine only. The class may not be
played in any other lands, unless those lands are also using these rules. Under no circumstanccs may the class be played at any inter-lands event, including
any that are sponsored by DragonSpine. An inter-lands event is any event where Amtgarders from more than one lands are expected to be in attendance, such
as feasts, coronations, some quests, and especially any Olympiad, or Gathering of the Clans. When attending any of these events, a person with thief credits
may play assassin at a level equal to their thief level if they have at least 1 assassin credit for every 4 thief credits that they have. They must also be able to
prove to both the Guildmasters of Thieves and Assassins that they know how to use the abilities of that level assassin. Thieves may only make this exchange
at inter-lands events, and at no other times.

Gypsy Class Rules, Version 4.2

Must wear a multicolored bandanna that covers the head and a bright tunic.

Weapons: short swords, daggers and throwing daggers onl[Atilde]y.
Armor: up to 1 point at 5th level.

Class abilities:

Gypsies cannot attack other Gypsies, their kinship to one another is too strong. Affected by Bardic "Presence" as per Barbarian (Due to the kinship they have
with Bards.) 1 extra point of body armor over all due to dexterity.
Note: This must be indicated with a purple or multicolored ribbon and is negated if the Gypsy wields a sword until 5th level. Gypsies are most comfortable
with knives and prefer close combat. Any gypsy would most likely prefer to sell a sword seeing it more for its monetary value then its advantage in the field.

1st (Beggar) - 1 "Steal" per life.
2nd.(Peddler) - "Pass without Trace" once per game as per Druid ability.
3rd. (Tinker) - One reusable "Sleep Powder" bolt. or "Poison Weapon" once per game as per assassin ability. Pick only one. - "Antidote to Poison" as per
assassin ability. (Will cancel Sleep Powder)
4th. (Soothsayer) - "Prophecy" Once per game. - "Heal" once per life. (Gypsies are known to be masters in Herbal Medicine)
5th.(Gypsy Prince/Princess) - May use a sword without loss of dexterity armor point. - "Dying gasp curse" once per game. - May wear up to 1 point of
6th. (Gypsy King/Queen.) - "Evil Eye" once per Game. Note: There can only be one(1) Gypsy King/Queen in a game.

Notes on Abilities:
Range 20 feet, must say "I steal that (object)" x3. The object may be retrieved from the Gypsy within a 100 count by making the Gypsy return or drop the
object. The Gypsy may drop the object at any time during the initial 100 count by saying "I drop this (object)" x1. The owner of the object may then stop for
a count of 5 to retrieve the object. If the object is not retrieved within the 100 count, the object and any enchantments are considered lost. The player must
return to base for a 100 count to retrieve a new object. This ability only SIMULATES the theft, it does not allow the Gypsy access to other people's
equipment. Once something has been "stolen", it is unusable unless it is retrieved from the Gypsy by killing him or having him drop it, or a new object is
gotten after a 100 count at the base. The player does NOT give the equipment to the Gypsy. This ability does not work on Game Items, Garb, Armor,
Enchanted Shields, or any item that is in use when the Gypsy Chant began. (example, a warrior engaged in combat cannot have his sword stolen, but if the
warrior is just standing around, sword in hand, it can be stolen. A wizard casting a spell cannot have his spellbook stolen, but it can be stolen if he is fighting
using swords and not casting magic.)

"Sleep Powder"
One purple padded Sleep Powder Bolt. (Reusable. Only one(1) can be carryed at a time.) To charge, hold in hand and say 5X "Sleep Powder" Upon a hit,
the victim must "Sleep" for 300 count and cannot be attacked. Since this simulates the victim being drugged only berserkers and those immune to poisons are
immune to this ability. "Cure Poison" or "Antidote to Poison" removes the effects of "Sleep Powder"

Enchantment. Once per game. Must hold a yellow ribbon in hand and say 10x"I foresee a disaster" tie on ribbon, will negate only one (1) physical hit or
magical attack. Usable oneself, or another. This simulates the Gypsy "foreseeing" the future for himself or another, and thus allowing the barer to advert

"Dying gasp curse"
20 ft range. When the Gypsy is killed he/she has the option of cursing his/her opponent upon his/her last dying gasp. Gypsy states upon dying 1X"I curse
thou with my last dying gasp". Will kill after a hundred (100) count unless removed by "Remove Curse" or if the victim is bearing "Protection from Death"
enchantment. Only 5th level or higher Monks are immune.

"Evil Eye"
Once per Game. 50ft range. (As per Druidic "Finger of Death" in that it is instantaneous death.) Point finger at victim and say "(Name or class)" then say 5X
" I call for your death" Only 5th level or higher monks are immune or if the victim is bering "Protection from Death" enchantment.

Gypsy Band Powers

Gypsies on the same team can form a Gypsy Band. Gypsies in a band have powers that they collectively can utilize depending on the size of the band.

2 or more Gypsies:
"Perform" twice per game. The Gypsies must state collectively 3X "Come one, come all, We the Gypsies are about to Perform" The must then either dance,
perform music, sing or tell stories, tell jokes etc.. During which the Gypsy Band cannot move from their places, be harmed nor can they harm others. They
must perform no more than 4 ft from one another and "Perform" ends when they are all are simultaneously silent for more than five seconds or when one or
more separate further then 4ft from the others. Note: Once "Perform" is begun, no more Gypsies may join.

4 or more Gypsies:
"Gypsy Charm" (20ft range) twice per game. The Gypsies must state collectively to intended victim (Name or Class) 3X "Come and run away with the
Gypsies" Victim is then charmed by the gypsies for 300 count and must do their bidding. One reasonable request, and cannot be harmed while charmed.
Those immune to charm magic are immune.

6 or more Gypsies:
"Plead for sanctuary" Once per Game. Victim must be visibly a Knight, Squire or Royalty (I.e. wearing a circlet, cornet or crown denoting rank and/or a
white or red belt, unadorned chain or spurs.) Gypsies must surround the victim in a circle of no more than a 20' radius, kneel before him/her and state
collectively 3X "We plead for your protection oh mighty and fearless one." The victim must then defend the Gypsy Band for the rest of that life. No one is



A Bard is someone who is basically a fighter with specialized spell abilities which can give strength and courage to those who fight with them and can
bedazzle and confuse those who fight against them. They are minor Druids with abilities drawn from this class. They are based upon Verbal and Emotional
spells and their natural abilities come from skills to observe and the respect others hold for them. Bards are ambidextrous and can cast magic with either hand.

This is drawn from both fantasy Bards and historical Bards (in the Norse and Celtic traditions) The Bard was a person who went into battle beside the
Monarch, used their voice for songs of inspiration for companions and to instill fear in the enemies. The Bard is an entertainer and a historian. They traveled
greatly and had to be able to survive the wilds alone which gives reason for Druidic training.

GARB: A Blue Sash or Baldric. The Blue should be bright and not be easily confused for black, purple, or white from a distance . Bards must carry a
musical instrument in order to cast any spells. The Bard does not have to be able to play the instrument. Bards are not required to carry a spellbook. They are
required to carry a list of the spells purchased which is used for Reeving purposes only.

WEAPONS: May use any combination of non-hinged Melee Weapons under 3 ft (includes Dagger), a single Long Sword (under 4ft), or a staff. Note that
weapons will deduct from the Bard's available magic points.


Dagger (Melee) 0
Short Weapons (under 3ft) 2
Long Sword 3
Spear -
Staff 2
Hinged Weapon (eg. Flail) -
Polearms -
Shield 3
Bow -


SHIELD: Medium or smaller, Note that shields will deduct from the Bard's available magic points


ABILITY LEVELS: 1st: Presence. Always on.
2nd: None
3rd: None
4th: None
5th: Mimic: Once per Game.
6th: None


PRESENCE: (always active)
Due to respect and awe for the position, all barbarians except berserkers will not attack a bard. In addition, due to professional respect, Druids of a
lower lever, Monks of a lower level, and Bards of a lower level will not attack a Bard. However, if a Bard attacks a barbarian, or a lower level
Druid, Monk or Bard, that person is immune to the Bard's Presence for the rest of the game. Hitting somebody (even accidentally) or directing a
spell at somebody (even if its not completed, non-threatening, or not a real spell), are examples of attacking and invalidate the effects of Presence for
that person. A person cannot intentionally interfere with a Bard in an attempt to negate Presence, (this includes standing between a bard and another
combatant in an attempt to be hit, or throwing oneself in the path of a spellball th[dhatch]at was obviously targeted for someone else). In return, Bards may
not intentionally use Presence as a shield to interfere with combat between two people. (eg. A Bard should not expect to be able to stand between 2
Barbarians in mortal combat and expect them to ignore him.) Because of this respect, Barbarians and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune to all Bard
Spells that Charm or Control. In addition, Druids of 5th+ level are immune to all Bard Spells that Charm. NOTE: Presence is NOT active if the Bard
picks up a game item. This is because it would effectively remove the Game Item from play for those players who are effected by Presence. If a Bard
takes a game item, they should be ready to defend themselves from everybody. When the Bard Presence is inactive (the Bard is carrying a game
item), any attacks by the Bard do not negate the effects of an active Presence. (ie. A Barbarian attacked when the Bard was carrying a game item
cannot claim immunity to his Presence when the Bard is not carrying the game item.)
MIMIC: (usable once per game)
The Bard is an excellent observer and learns to use the first level abilities of other classes. Once per Game, the bard may utilize any non-magical
abilities of any other class at 1st level (one class only) in addition to their own abilities and magics. Weapons, Armor, and shields may be used in
accordance with the class being Mimicked with no Magic Point Cost. Monsters may NOT be mimicked, and Spell casters cannot Lend magic to the
Bard. Available Spell points must remain consistent for all lives, whether or not Mimic is being used. A Bard does NOT regain magic points spent
for weapons prior to using Mimic. (ie. A 5th level Bard buys a sword, losing 6 of thier 30 spell pts. When they Mimic a Warrior and use a sword as
a Warrior, they still cannot use those 6 spell points) A Bard may NOT Mimic an Anti-Paladin or Paladin without having been Knighted.


Magic Name: Type Uses Cost Max
1st Level
Cancel S Unlimit 0 -
Charm S 1/L 1 4
Klutz S 1/L 1 4
Stutter S 1/L 1 4
Terror S 1/G 1 4
Visit N 1/G 1 8

2nd Level
Bardic Flag FE 1/G 1 4
Legend S 1/G 1 4
Liplock E Unlimit 2 -
Muscles E 1/G 1 4
Truth S 1/L 2 2
Voice I N 1/G 2 2
Warchant E 1/G 1 4

3rd Level
Extension N 1/G 2 -
Imbue N 1/G 1 2
Hawkeye E 1/G 1 4
Monster Charm S 1/G 1 4
Mute S 1/L 2 4
Panic S 1/L 2 2
Sleep S 1/L 2 4

4th Level
Emotion Control E 1/G 1 4
Honor Duel S Unlimit 1 -
Lore S 1/L 1 2
Mass Sleep S 1/G 1 1
Voice II N 1/G 2 2

5th Level
Charm Control S 1/G 2 2
Confound S 1/L 1 2
Fight Beyond
Death E 1/G 1 4
Mass Charm S 1/L 2 4
Yield S 1/G 1 4

6th Level
Awe S 1/L 1 2
Charisma E 1/G 1 2
Familiar N 1/G 2 1
Voice III N 1/G 2 2

Spell descriptions



T: Spell
R: 50ft
I: Repeat 2x "I cancel my magic"
E: Negates Magic
L: May only be used on own Magic
N: Negates any spell that can be Dispelled. It includes all
enchantments, spells with duration (such as Charm, Entangle, or
Sleep), and spellballs before they are thrown. Does not include
Spells that have an instantaneous affect (such as a lightning bolt
after it hits somebody, or Heal.)
T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20ft
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, say "Charm" and then say a short poem of (20 + words)
E: The bard may make the subject perform a single task. The task
cannot remove the subject from the playing area, put the subject in
any real danger (example, "Go Climb that tree") and cannot last longer
than a 300 count. Subject may not attack, touch any game item, cast
magic, be attacked, or interfere with combat in any manner. For all
battlefield effects, the subject is considered a non-combatant immune
to all attacks (including mass spells) nor can they attack while
charmed. Subject must drop game items immediately upon being Charmed.
L: Barbarians, Monks of 3rd+ level, and Druids of 5th+ level are
immune to this spell. Cannot be cast on own team.
N: If the B/ard dies before they can give the task to the subject or if
the task cannot be performed, the subject stands immobile for a 300
count until the Charm wears off. It is advisable to place the charm
within the poem.

T: Spell (Control)
R: 20ft
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, then chant, 3x "thou art a klutz, and so drop that (object, be
E: Causes victim to drop specified object. The object should NOT be
thrown, but rather dropped right at the feet. The object may be
immediately picked up again whenever possible. The object must be
carried in a hand at the time of the spell and not worn.
L: Barbarians and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune to this spell.
N: Shields are Worn unless held one handed (i.e. a Madu). Game Items
are always carried, even if tucked in a belt or shield.

T: Spell
R: 20ft
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, and repeats 2x "I stutter thy spell".
E: Causes any spell currently being cast to be interrupted. Caster
must start over to cast spell, the spell is not lost or used however.
L: N/A
N: N/A

T: Spell (Emotion)
R: 20ft
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, and chants 3x "I make thee terrified".
E: Subject must flee back to their base. During transit, they may not
affect or be affected by the game. Upon arriving, the subject
announces loudly, "I fear nothing".
L: Barbarians and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune to this spell.
N: Subject may not be terrorized twice within their same life.

T: Neutral
R: N/A
M: N/A
I: Bard Announces "Visit" and counts to 200. The bard may substitute
a song or poem lasting 3 minutes instead.
E: After casting, the bard must go amongst the enemy (this includes
sitting at their base, wandering around the back lines, or talking to
the lone assassin hiding behind a tree). During this time, the bard
may not attack, touch any game item, cast magic, be attacked, or
interfe[dhatch]re with combat in any manner. For all battlefield effects, the
Bard is considered a non-combatant until returning to their home base.
While at the enemy base, he may confer with the enemy, entertain them,
spy on anything immediately visible (may not turn things over, etc.)
seduce the enemy captain, or whatever. To end the spell, bard must
return to their home base and declare the visit is over. Spell ends
the moment they come within 20ft of their home base.
L: Bard may be attacked before the count (or poem or song) is
N: This spell cannot be Dispelled or Canceled. Bards are not required
to remain stationary and may wander behind enemy lines.



T: Fixed Area Enchantment
R: Fixed Area, 20ft radius
M: Blue Flag (Minimum size is 6 inches wide by 12 inches long),
markers for 20ft radius (markers MUST be laid down)
I: The Enchantment must be done in the following order. The Bard must
Place the Flag In center of area, then mark the perimeter, and then
'Violence here is not the way, come all ye who wish to play,
I hope there will not mar the day, a boorish boor with temper fey.
So run and scamper, thither on, bring to me a place of calm,
That I can take my rest upon, and ne'er more need to fear or qualm.'
E: No violent acts may occur within the enchantment's area. Attack
spells may not be cast within this space (attack spells are any spells
that are not usually beneficial to the recipient: Heal is ok, Iceball
is not). Nobody outside the perimeter can attack anybody inside the
perimeter, or visa versa. People can attack through the Bardic Flag,
but any hits within the Bardic Flag do not count. (eg. An mage can
throw a spellball through and hit somebody on the other side, but if
he hits somebody inside, it doesn't count)
L: Bardic Flags may NOT be placed within 150ft of a base, 100ft of
another Bardic Flag, or 50ft of Nirvana. Game items and prisoners
(ie. subdued enemies) may NOT be taken inside a Bardic Flag.
N: NO ONE Is Immune to these effects. Bard may only have one Bardic
Flag active at a time. Bardic Flag ends when the caster dies. May be

T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20ft.
M: Blue Flag (Minimum size is 6 inches wide by 12 inches long)
I: Caster must say "Legend" and then say a short poem of (20 + words)
E: Effects a number of people equal to the Bard's level, that are
within 20ft upon casting of spell, the Bard may select the victims if
more than his level are present. The Bard and the victims then remove
themselves from the battle area, up to 100 feet distant, and not
within 20ft of a base. Once at the selected location, the Bard drops
the Blue Flag. Once the spell is cast, the Bard and victims cannot be
harmed until the blue flag is dropped. Bards must move directly to
the final location and must drop the flag as soon as they get there,
or within a 60 count. The Bard may move about within a 20ft radius of
the flag while 'entertaining' his guests for up to a 300 count, during
which time the hapless victims may not leave without the Bard's
permission. The Bard may not be attacked within a 20ft radius of the
Blue Flag while entertaining, but ranged weapons or spell balls may be
lobbed in from outside the radius. Bards are encouraged to make the
Legend as entertaining for the victims as possible, so as to avoid
undue revenge at a later date. The Bard may free people from the
Legend before the time limit is over if he so chooses. Bards may
defend themselves, but the spell ends if the Bard is killed by a lucky
shot from outside the 20ft radius. Once the victims have either been
let go, or the time limit has run out, they are immediately given safe
passage back to their home base, or behind friendly lines. They may
not attack nor be attacked until they reach their destination. If any
one enters the 20ft radius of the Blue Flag, they are ensnared in the
Legend as well, provided the Bard is of high enough level to entertain
that many people. (At the rate of 1 /level of the Bard.)
L: May not catch members of the Bards own team. Barbarians, Monks of
3rd + level, and Druids of 5th+ level are immune.
N: Even immune people may not attack from within the 20ft radius.
Bard may kill those caught within the legend, but victims are allowed
to defend themselves. Victims may also be killed by those outside of
the 20ft radius. Legend ends if the Bard is killed.

T: Enchantment
R: Touch
M: Yellow cloth
I: Touch recipient and repeat, 5x 'Remain the truth still', tie Cloth
to subject.
E: Bearer cannot be forced to speak under any informational gathering
except Tracking.
L: Cannot be cast on Barbarians.
N: May only be cast on each player once in a given game, disappears
once bearer dies.

T: Enchantment
R: Touch
M: Yellow cloth strip.
I: Bard repeats 10x 'I make thee strong.'; ties on cloth.
E: Bearer's melee weapons all do double damage. A one point blue
weapon becomes a two point blue weapon. A two point, red weapon
becomes a four point red weapon.
L: Cannot be cast on Barbarians
N: Treat as Warrior Enhance, one-handed weapons may not damage

T: Spell (Charm)
R:20 ft
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, say "Truth" and then say a short poem of (20 + words)
E: The bard may ask the victim a single 'yes or no question that must
be answered truthfully. The victim may not be harmed during this
L: Barbarians, Monks of 3rd + level, or Druids of 5th+ level are
N: N/A

T: Neutral
R: N/A
M: N/A
E: Allows the bard to purchase 2 magic points (i.e. - not 2 magics) of
Druid magic from 1st and 2nd level.
L: If a Bard purchases Voice I, they cannot purchase Voice II or Voice
N: Druidic Magics bought with Voice may be dispelled as normal.

T: Enchantment
R: Touch
M: Yellow Cloth
I: Touch recipient, repeat 10x 'May the fury of war fill thee' . Tie
cloth on subject.
E: Bearer may ignore the first physical hit they receive as long as
the bearer is saying a war chant, such as 'Murder, murder. Hate,
hate. Kill, kill. Mu- til-ate.', 'Bakulu, Bakulu, Bakulu, -Hey!',
'Vivat Grendel!', etc. As soon as the bearer is struck physically, or
the bearer stops chanting at any time from the incantation, the
enchantment is lost.
L: May not be cast on Barbarians
N: N/A



T: Neutral
R: N/A
M: N/A
I: say "Extension" loudly prior to starting spell
E: If spell has no range it gives spell a 20 ft. range, 20ft range
goes to 50ft, 50ft goes to 100ft, and doubles in range after that.
L: N/A
N: Is not used up unless the accompanying magic is fully
cast. Extension can be stacked by calling extension multiple times
before casting, (i.e. "Extension, Extension ," prior to a 20ft spell
makes it 100ft). May be used with Druidic Magic purchased with Voice
I, II, or III.

T: Enchantment
R: Touch
M: Strip of Yellow cloth.
I: Bard repeats 10x 'Thou hast the sight of the Hawk'. Tie on cloth.
E: Bearer of this enchantment does + 1 point of damage with all
missile weapons. (A throwing knife does 2 pts., a short bow 3 pts., a
long bow 5 pts.) .
L: May not be cast on Barbarians
N: Do not treat weapons as red weapons, this is not a warrior enhance.

T: Neutral
R: N/A
M: N/A
I: None
E: Allows the bard to purchase 2 magic points (i.e. - not 2 magics) of
1st or 2nd level Bard Magic.
L: N/A
N: N/A

T: Spell
R: 20 ft.
M: None
I: Bard repeats 2x'(Monster), how bored thou must be, Listen to a song
that Is just for thee.'
E: Monster is pacified for as long as the Bard is singing or playing
for a maximum of 300 count. Monster may not be harmed during this
L: Bard must stay within 20 ft. of monster. Only works on Monsters
and only one Monster at a time.
N: Quest Restrictions May Apply. Quest Monsters who are immune do NOT
need to notify the Bard until after the spell has been attempted.
During normal Battlegame situations, works on all Monsters, even those
Immune to charms and subduel. Bard may be harmed during spell by
anyone except Monster. Bard must stay within 20 ft. of monster.

T: Spell (Control)
R: 20 ft
M: None
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, and repeat 5x "I silence thee."
E: The victim cannot speak or cast magic for a count of 100.
L: Barbarians, and Monks of 3rd + level are immune.
N: N/A

T: Spell (Emotion)
R: 20 ft radius.
M: None
I: Bard repeats 2x 'May all of thee flee in panic from me'.
E: A number of people, equal to the level of the Bard, must return to
their base. Should there be more people than the level of the Bard be
within 20 feet, then the closest individuals to the Bard, up to
his/her level must flee (i.e. if Baird Yardspinner casts panic as a
3rd level Bard, then the three closest people from the other team must
return to their base Immediately).
L: Only affects the other team. Barbarians, and Monks of 3rd + level
are immune.
N: N/A

T: Spell (Control)
R: 20ft.
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, repeat 2x "Listen and let the fighting cease, Close your eyes
and sleep in peace."
E: Victim must lie down and sleep for a 300 count.
L: Barbarians and Monks of 3+ level are immune to this spell. Sleep
does not affect people on the Bard's team.
N: Sleeping people cannot be killed and their equipment may not be
moved or destroyed.



T: Enchantment (Charm/Control)
R: Touch
M: Blue cloth
I: The bard states 5x "Emotion Control", and ties on this enchantment
to the person.
E: The bard immediately specifies which one of the following applies
to the enchanted person:
a) Berserk-Affects the recipient as:
1. 2 points all over Natural Body Armor
2. Melee Weapons are considered Bladesharped or Bludgeoned
3. Recipient may not wear or use any other Armor besides
the Berserk Natural Body Armor
4. May not use a shield of any kind
5. May not use any projectile weapons, including all forms
of bows
6. May not retreat unless outnumbered 5 to 1 or facing
7. Spellcasters may only use verbal magics while berserk,
they may not cast enchantments, neutrals (except
extension), nor may they cast spellballs.
8. Cannot be stacked with other enchantments.
b) Immunity to Charm/Control: Affects the Recipient as:
1. Is immune to the following: Awe, Charm, Charm Control,
Confound, Hold Person, Honor Duel, Klutz, Legend, Lore, Mass
Charm, Mute, Sleep, Truth, and Yield.
c) Immunity to Subduel- Affects the recipient as:
1. Is immune to Subduel Blows
2. Is immune to the following: Entangle, Flesh to Stone, Hold
Person, Iceball, Mass Sleep, Paralyzation, Petrify, Shove,
Sleep, and Yield.
d) Immunity to Emotional attacks.
1. Is Immune to the following: Fear, Confusion, Feeblemind,
Terror, and Panic.
e) Confidence- the person may utilize his own class abilities as if
he were one level higher than he actually is for a period of time
not to exceed 30 minutes.
L: Can NOT be cast on Barbarians, Monks of 3rd+ level, and Druids of
5th+ level because they are immune, therefore, they can NOT take
this voluntarily.
N: Not usable on Self.

T: Spell (Control)
R: 20ft
M: None
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victims, and Repeats 5x "Remain This Duel Pure".
E: Both people identified by the Bard, one from each team, must be
within the range of the spell. Each contestant is protected from
outside forces. The victor is allowed safe passage to their home base
or behind friendly lines, ignoring all wounds till arrival.
L: May not be members of the same team without a Reeve's
permission. Spell lasts until one dies or it is dispelled or
canceled. Barbarians and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune.
N: Combat is limited to a reasonable area. If one of the contestants
identified is Immune to Magic or Immune to Honor Duel then the spell
is lost and no one is affected.

T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20 ft.
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, Yells "Lore" and then says a short poem (20 + words). E: The
bard may ask the victim a yes or no question which he must answer
truthfully, and may continue to ask yes or no questions until the bard
receives a "no" answer. Reeves may also choose to grant the bard one
small piece of useful information per game to further define "lore"
(very useful in quests and special scenarios). Victim may not be
harmed during questioning.
L: Does not work on Barbarians, Monks of 3rd+ level, or Druids of 5th+
N: May only be cast upon own teammates with a Reeve's permission.
Quest restrictions may apply.

T: Spell (Control)
R: Sight
M: N/A
I: Bard repeats 400x 'Mass Sleep (current count)'.
E: Everybody (both teams) within sight of the Bard is asleep for a 300
L: Barbarians and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune.
N: Sleeping people may NOT be killed and their equipment may not be
moved or destroyed. However, it can be moved up to 10ft away.
Sleeping people may stand up where battlefield conditions prohibit
lying down.

T: Neutral
R: N/A
M: N/A
E: Allows the bard to purchase 2 magic points (i.e. - not 2 magics) of
Druid magic from 1st to 4th levels.
L: If a Bard purchases Voice II, they cannot purchase Voice I or Voice
N: Druidic Magics bought with Voice may be dispelled as normal.


(Song Weaver)

T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20 ft.
M: Blue arm band or head band.
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, repeats 2x 'Thou mind and body belong to me. Come be my
slave, you are no longer free.'
E: After casting, subject must put on blue arm band or head band
(provided by casting Bard) and have a blank look on his face. Subject
must perform any task (except casting magic) that the Bard
specifies. (It cannot violate the subject's civil rights and must be
kept within game terms.) Task can be complex, examples being 'Defend
me, 'Attack a Teammate,' 'Steal your Flag and return it to my Base.'
etc. Subject may not be ordered to cast any magic. The spell lasts
for a 300 count, and the subject is obligated to complete all tasks
given to them to the best their ability for the 300 count or until
killed, whichever comes first. If the subject completes a task within
a 300 count, he is free until the Bard issues a new task.
L: Barbarians, Monks of 3rd+ level and Druids of 5th+ level are
immune. No one may be Charm Controlled twice in one game.
N: May not be cast on own teammates. Can be Canceled, Dispelled or
negated by a Yield spell, Charisma or another Charm Control.

T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20 ft.
M: None
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, repeats 2x 'May you believe whatever you hear'.
E: Causes a person asking a riddle, puzzle, question, or quiz to
believe that the answer given was right even though it may have been
L: Barbarians, Monks of 3rd+ level and Druids of 5th+ level are
N: Quest restrictions may apply.

T: Enchantment
R: Touch
M: Strip of yellow cloth and red arm or head band.
I: Bard repeats 2x 'May Battle Fury Carry You Beyond Death'.
E: Bearer may fight for ten seconds beyond their death. Bearer should
announce 'Fight Beyond Death' and announce his count as he fights.
Leg and arm shots against bearer after Fight Beyond Death has been
called will incapacitate the limb. (ie. Person is killed by a shot to
the torso, calls Fight Beyond Death and begins counting, a leg shot
drops him to his knees) Fight Beyond Death allows the person to
recover all leg and arm wounds. (ie. If both legs are cut off to kill
a person, they call Fight Beyond Death and stand up. If a leg is hit
after this, the leg is lost again and the person must drop to their
knees again.)
L: Barbarians and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune. If the bearer is
killed by any of the following spells, or his body is destroyed by any
other means, then he can no longer Fight Beyond Death (or finish the
ten count if already started): Fireball, Call Lightning, Sphere of
Annihilation, Firewall, Firetrap, or a siege weapon (or monster's
equivalent white weapons).
N: Armor (including natural) that was destroyed before death, is still

T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20 ft. radius
M: None
I: Bard says 'Mass Charm' and follows with a 20+ word poem.
E: As per Charm (see previous), but affects everyone in a 20
ft. radius, including own teammates.
L: Barbarians, Monks of 3rd +, and Druids of 5th+ level are immune.
N: Everybody caught in Mass Charm is given the SAME Charm. Charms are
not given out individually.

T: Spell (Control)
R: 50ft
M: None
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, Repeat 3x "Yield thy arms and resist no longer, come unto me
and be my captive."
E: Victim must lower weapons and surrender immediately, moving
straight to Bard, then may begin 500 count. If they are not killed,
when they have counted they may return to their base. May only be kept
from the Bard by death or by another Yield Spell, not by subduel, or
L: Barbarians, and Monks of 3rd+ level are immune.
N: Only other magics can still physically affect the victim.


(Great Bard)

T: Spell (Charm)
R: 20ft
M: N/A
I: Caster must identify (either by name or by class) and point at
victim, repeat 5x "I make thee in Awe."
E: Victim may not attack the Bard for a 1000 count. The Victim is to
avoid the Bard and cannot deliberately interfere with the Bards
actions. (ie. if the Bard is fighting someone, the victim cannot step
between them or step in the way of a spellball being cast by the bard)
L: Barbarians, Monks of 3rd+ level, and Druids of 5th+ level are
N: The spell is canceled if the Bard attacks the Victim or
deliberately interferes with Victims actions. (ie. if the victim is
fighting someone, the Bard cannot step between them or step in the way
of a spellball being cast by the victim). Mass spells do NOT count as
an attack on the Bard or on the victim.

T: Enchantment
R: N/A
M: Strip of Blue Cloth
I: Bard repeats 5x 'All of those who see me say there's the best
lookin' person I seen today', ties Blue Cloth around head.
E: While Bard Is singing and/or playing a musical Instrument, members
of his team who are within 20 ft. of him are immune to all spoken
Bardic magic. Should the Bard pass within 20 ft. of a teammate who is
Charmed, under a Legend spell, or under some other form of control by
an enemy Bard, that person is immediately freed of the enemy spell.
Lasts for the duration of the life of the Bard.
L: May only be cast on self. While Enchantment is worn, no other
magic may be cast. Does not work on any Yield spell.
N: The enchantment lasts for the Bard's entire life, but is only in
effect when the Bard is singing and/or playing a musical instrument
The Bard may engage in combat while using if desired.

T: Neutral
R: N[dhatch]/A
M: Small Stuffed Animal, no real animals please.
I: None
E: May purchase 5 points worth of 1st through 5th level Bard magic.
L: Small animal must be kept with Bard at all times. If the Animal is
dropped, put down, or lost the spell points are no longer usable.
N: That is 5 points worth, not necessarily 5 separate spells. Bard
must make a note on their spell list of which spells were bought with
the Familiar. Familiars are considered spellbooks (for ease of play)
and should be treated as such. (eg. they can get destroyed, a new one
can be retreved for a 100 count a the base.) However, Bards cannot
carry a "spare" Familiar like Wizards who carry a second spellbook.
Familiars cannot be Dispelled.

T: Neutral
R: N/A
M: N/A
E: Allows the bard to purchase 2 magic points (i.e. - not 2 magics) of
Druid magic from 1st to 6th level.
L: If a Bard purchases Voice III, they cannot purchase Voice I or Voice II.
N: Druidic Magics bought with Voice may be dispelled as normal.