This version of the Emerald Hills Corpora last updated via Kingdom Althing on May 26, 2002.

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  1. Emerald Hills Groups and Membership
  2. Offices of the Kingdom
    1. Monarch
    2. Regent
    3. Prime Minister (PM)
    4. Champion
    5. Board of Directors (BOD)
    6. Scribe
    7. Guildmaster of Reeves (GMR)
    8. Captain of the Guard
    9. Head of Security
    10. Class Guildmaster
  3. Royal Grounds Keepers (RGK)
  4. Other Positions
  5. Club Government
    1. Duties and Policies of the Treasury
    2. Elections
    3. Removing Club Officers
    4. Althings
    5. Rule Changes
  6. Titles, Orders, Honors and Awards
  7. Kingdom Events
  8. Subgroups Guidelines

Begin EH Corpora

Amtgard, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills Corpora

Introduction to Amtgard
    Amtgard is a vehicle of recreation. The Corpora of Laws and the Rulebook of Play are guidelines to aid in the interaction of people who participate in this game.

Standard Disclaimers

Interkingdom Rules Committee for Amtgard (IRCA)
    The Emerald Hills is a member of the Interkingdom Rules Committee for Amtgard and as such has agreed to enforce the rulings of that body as if they were their own.  For more information, see the IRCA Representative info in section "I. Offices of the Kingdom" item "K." and the IRCA Charter. (A copy of the charter may be found at .)

Credit System
    In the Emerald Hills, we have the privilege of being able to play Amtgard on both Saturday and Sunday.  Our credit system is set up for a person to be able to (normally) earn a maximum of 1¼ credits in their chosen class per weekend.  Those who attend Amtgard on both days will receive 1 (one) full credit for one day and ¼ (one-quarter) credit for the other day.  Full credit award breakdowns are as follows:
Credits Class Reason
1 Any class played First regular gaming day of a week
¼ Any class played Second regular gaming day in a week
¼ Warrior Fighting Practice — used to fine-tune weapon skills. (Normally held during the week)
1/day Any Special Events: Coronation, Mid-reign, Qualifications, Weaponmaster, Major out of town events, Adopt-A-Highway Program, Demos, and others as agreed upon at Althing.
5 Any Attendance at The Gathering of the Clans
3 Any Attendance at Spring War
1 or ¼ Any class (special) Working at improving Tanglewood forest when not at a scheduled Amtgard function counts as per a "regular gaming day." Note: Credits may only be assigned to those classes that the player is actively playing when attending Amtgard functions.
Special Any class played Crown’s Discretion: The Monarchy is allowed 3 additional credits per reign to allocate as they see fit for "Special Events." (i.e. Full class Quests, Battlegames, etc, developed by the Monarchy for the specific purpose of gathering the populace in one place on a pre-set date to encourage play with greater numbers).
NOTES: An Amtgard "week" begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Also, the rulebook makes reference to "weeks of experience" in conjunction with levels, for that purpose 1 (one) credit = 1 (one) week of experience.

Main Internet Resources
     From this, everything flows.  Download the Rulebook from here.
     Main site for the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills.
     Best place to find a place to play.  Geographical breakdowns of most Amtgard groups and places.
  1. Emerald Hills Groups and Membership
    The Emerald Hills is composed of
    1. The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills (AKA EH or Kingdom)
      This is the largest and topmost unit of Emerald Hills government and is the umbrella under which all EH members unite
    2. Subgroups (AKA Parks)
      A subgroup is a place/park where Amtgard is played under the auspices of the Kingdom in accordance with the Amtgard Rulebook, Monster Manual, EH Corpora, and any legally binding signed documents. To be an EH subgroup, a park needs to sign and abide by a contract with EH consistent with the size of the group and not be a subgroup of any other non-EH group. These groups include Duchies, Baronies, and Shires
    3. Tanglewood (Lakeside Park in Duncanville Texas)
      The founding (but currently inactive) park of the Kingdom and its geographical center. Current Amtgard guidelines prevent the formation of new Kingdoms whose founding town centers are within 150 miles of one another
    4. Tanglewood Forest
      EH has signed a 99-year lease to some rural property in Silver City, Texas (west of Corsicana).  Primarily used for special events such as Coronation and Mid-Reign, it provides us with a place to call our own, free from the distractions and restrictions of mundane life.  Management, development, and maintenance of Tanglewood Forest is handled through the Royal Grounds Keepers.  (See Section III, Royal Grounds Keepers for more info)
    5. Residents
      That is, those who claim the Emerald Hills as their "home"
      1. To be considered a resident of the Emerald Hills one must:
        • Openly declare themselves to be a resident of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills. Those who declare themselves to be residents of a Emerald Hills subgroup (Duchy, Barony, Shire, Etc…) automatically qualify as having declared at the Kingdom level. NOTE: No one may claim residency in more than 1 (one) subgroup at time.
        • Not declare or hold residency in any Amtgard group other than the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills and/or its subgroups
        • Occasionally participate in the functions of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills or its subgroups
      2. The following privileges are available only to those who have been residents of the Emerald Hills for at least 6 months and are dues paid:
        • Voting in elections
        • Voting in Althings
        • Holding offices
  2. Offices of the Kingdom
    1. Monarch (AKA King/Queen/Emperor/Empress)
      1. Must be 18 years or older
      2. Only those who qualify at Crown Qualifications may run for Monarch
      3. No Monarch may have the throne for more than two consecutive terms
      4. Is not required to pay any event fees or dues during his/her term
      5. Has the power to break tied Althings and Elections
      6. Has an automatic seat on the BOD for the duration of his/her term
      7. Presides over and conducts all ceremonies and functions
      8. May grant ANY honor, order, title, or award mentioned in section "V" of this document
      9. May create new honors, awards, and titles
      10. May award 3 (three) "special event" credits (see " Credit System, " above)
      11. Could receive the title of Duke/Duchess at the end of his/her term
      12. Shall descend from this office if he/she misses more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total
        • Exception - special situations will be taken into consideration by populace vote
    2. Regent (AKA Consort)
      1. Must be 18 years or older
      2. Must qualify as per Monarch
      3. Is not required to pay any event fees or dues during his/her term
      4. Will become pro-tem Monarch if the Monarch abdicates or is removed from office
      5. May bestow the following orders: Crimson, Dragon, Garber (credit), Lion, Owl, Rose, and Smith (credit)
      6. Is responsible for and heads the Colleges of Arts and Science
      7. May create new honors and awards in keeping with his/her duties
      8. Is responsible for the next Crown Coronation feast
      9. Is responsible for the Dragonmaster Cultural tournament
      10. If a new Regent must be chosen, he/she must have qualified in the last Crown Qualifications
      11. Could receive the title of Count/Countess at the end of his/her term
      12. Shall descend from this office if he/she misses more than six weeks in a row or twelve weeks total
        • Exception - special situations will be taken into consideration by populace vote
    3. Prime Minister (PM)
      1. Must be 18 years or older
      2. Has an automatic seat on the BOD for the duration of his/her term
      3. Has the power to appoint an assistant if he/she finds it necessary
      4. Is not required to pay any event fees or dues during his/her term
      5. Is responsible for the following aspects of the club:
        • Providing rulebooks and newsletters to EH Residents
        • Must keep records of attendance and active members
        • Maintain accurate records on the dues paid status of all club members
        • Shall serve in the capacity of the club treasurer. This includes:
          • Maintaining accurate records of the club treasury
          • Collection of all fees and dues
          • Maintaining accurate records on all club income and expenditures

          Subgroup Prime Ministers must assist the Kingdom PM in their collection of sign-in sheets.  Toward that end they must periodically send copies of their sign-in sheets to the Kingdom PM.

          See also section "V. A. Duties and Policies of the Treasury"
        • Shall present for publication at each Mid-reign a summary of group income, expenditures, balances, and debts for the previous 12 months
        • Must collect copies of sign-in sheets from all EH Subgroups.
        • Shall administer all elections other than the PM elections
        • Shall be responsible for maintaining an inventory of group assets.  Within 4 (four) weeks of each Coronation, the PM shall verify the status of the Assets with the new Monarch and facilitate transfer of responsibility over the group Assets from the previous Monarch to the next.  The list/status of group Assets shall be published in conjunction with each mid-reign treasury report
      6. Could receive the title of Baron/Baroness at the end of his/her term
      7. Shall descend from this office if he/she misses more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total
        • Exception - special situations will be taken into consideration by populace vote
    4. Champion
      1. Must qualify as per Monarch
      2. Winner of the Champions Tourney shall be Champion for the reign
      3. Maintains the lost and found for the Kingdom
      4. Responsible that all weapons and armor have been checked for safety and legality
      5. Responsible for organizing the battlegames on days when no pre-determined scenarios are scheduled
      6. Is the defender of the Crown
      7. Could receive the title of Defender after his/her term
      8. Shall descend from this office if he/she misses more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total
        • Exception - special situations will be taken into consideration by populace vote
    5. Board of Directors (B.O.D.)
      1. Must be 18 years or older
      2. There are seven seats on the B.O.D.
        • One seat is held by the sitting Monarch
        • One seat is held by the sitting Prime Minister
        • Five seats are filled via open ballot for one-year terms. The annual terms shall be staggered so that there are always at least two members that were active during the preceding six months.
      3. The B.O.D. will work with the Monarch and Prime Minister in areas where the club has dealings with various government agencies and their institutions and laws
      4. The B.O.D. has no power to change, alter, or otherwise affect the Rulebook or Corpora
      5. The B.O.D. has no status in the order of precedence and no jurisdiction over internal club functions
    6. Scribe
      1. Appointment and dismissal are at the Monarch’s discretion
      2. Is responsible for publishing a bi-monthly club newsletter
      3. Is responsible for keeping a list of awards, titles, and knighthoods issued by the Monarch during the reign
      4. Print any fliers, letters, or other news of the Crown and Prime Minister
      5. Work with the Monarch and PM to maintain a yearly calendar of events
      6. Keep the minutes of all Amtgard meetings and Althings
    7. Guildmaster of Reeves (GMR)
      1. Chosen from the Reeves guild (see section " IV. B. Reeves Guild ") by election at the Crown Elections. Only members of the Reeves guild may vote in this election
      2. Works with the Monarch and Prime Minister to ensure the rules are applied accurately, fairly, and honestly on the battlefield
      3. Works with the Champion in checking armor and weapons for safety and legality
      4. Ensures that the members of the Reeves guild follow the proper rules of the class
      5. Ensures that there is an appropriate number of reeves at any Amtgard event and that the conduct of reeves is competent and fair
      6. Is the Crown’s adviser on the rules
      7. Will administer the Emerald Hills Reeve’s test every six months at Crown Qualifications
      8. Dismissal is by a decision of the Monarch, Prime Minister and the Reeves Guild
    8. Captain of the Guard
      1. Appointment and dismissal are at the Monarch’s discretion
      2. Is in charge of "in game (role-playing based)" security at all Amtgard events.
      3. Ensures that the Monarch and Regent are properly escorted
      4. Shares duties with the Champion in terms of carrying out the policies of the Crown
    9. Head of Security (AKA Magistrate, Constable) and Security (AKA Deputies)
      1. Head of Security is appointed by the Crown for the duration of an Amtgard function
      2. Additional Security personnel are deputized by the Head of Security from among the Kingdom’s residents on an as needed basis
      3. Responsible for patrolling Kingdom functions to control mundane (real life) theft and/or harassment. In addition, they enforce mundane event/site rules
    10. Class Guildmaster
      1. These relics change
        ownership each Coronation

      2. Gauntlets of Ogre Power
      3. Homestone
      4. Mithril Chain
      5. Orb of Healing
      6. Sword of Flame
      7. These relics change
        ownership each Mid-reign

      8. Bow of Malice
      9. Dagger of Infinite Penetration
      10. Ring of Power
      11. Odin's Hammer
      12. Shield of Reflection
      13. Class Guilds include all fighting guilds (warriors, healers, barbarians, etc.)
      14. Each fighting guild, the Circle of Knights, and the Circle of Steel will each vote for their guildmaster at the Crown Elections
      15. Guildmasters must be at least 2 nd level unless no other qualified candidates are available
      16. One must have participated in a guild in the past six months in order to vote in the election of that guild’s guildmaster
      17. Guild members must pass a verbal test given by the guildmaster in order to advance in level
      18. Guildmasters have the following responsibilities:
        • Ensure that guild members follow the proper rules of the class
        • Monitor their class and present ideas for improvements and possible solutions for problem areas to the Monarch and the Althing
        • Help new people to learn and play by the rules
        • Encourage garb, equipment, and personas applicable to their class
      19. Guildmasters may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of all guild members and approval of the Monarch and Prime Minister
      20. Guildmaster and Guild meetings will be held every even numbered month
    11. Interkingdom Rules Committee for Amtgard Representative (IRCA Rep)
      The EH IRCA Rep’s primary responsibilities are to represent and tender votes on behalf of the Emerald Hills to the IRCA
      1. As stipulated in the IRCA Charter, the EH IRCA Rep must:
        • Be a member of the Emerald Hills
        • Be EH kingdom level reeve qualified
        • Be at least 18 years of age
        • Have an email address they check regularly
        • Have a phone
        • Not hold the office of Monarch
      2. IRCA Rep term is one year. Elections are to be held the first week of July, with the new Rep taking office on the last Monday of July. (This is to allow the incoming Rep a chance for a full 1 year term as Oracle should he/she be elected to that position by the IRCA)
      3. Shall keep the IRCA notified of who the current Emerald Hills Monarch is
      4. Shall perform all duties required of him/her as denoted in the IRCA charter
      5. Shall consult with three of the following Kingdom Level Club officers before voting on IRCA rule issues. Whenever possible said consultation shall occur at least 2 weeks prior to the voting deadline
        • Monarch
        • Guildmaster of Reeves
        • Prime Minister
        • Champion (Only to be consulted in the event the IRCA Rep holds one of the above offices)
        After consultation the Rep may vote as he will unless all three consultants agree to overrule (not merely disagree) with his decision. In which case, the Rep must vote as they dictate. The Rep must ensure that consultants are aware of one another’s opinions and his pending vote at least 1 week before the voting deadline so that they have an opportunity to overrule as necessary
      6. May be removed by a 2/3rds vote at an Althing held at the behest of the Monarch and Prime Minister
  3. Royal Grounds Keepers (RGK)
    The RGK oversees the development and management of the Emerald Hills leased real estate (Tanglewood Forest) in Silver City, Navarro County, Texas.
    1. The RGK Membership is made up of seven dues paid club members. The RGK Seats are filled as follows:
      1. Three seats are filled via open ballot for one-year terms. The annual terms shall be staggered so that there is always at least one member who was active during the preceding six months.
      2. The land known as Tanglewood Forest is owned and leased from David Hall AKA Ewen McFadden.  As of this date (20JAN2002) he may be reached at:
        1722 Uvalde
        Mesquite, TX 75150

        One seat is filled by the land’s legal (mundane) owner.
      3. One seat is filled by the RGK Membership’s decision.
      4. One seat is filled by EH B.O.D.’s decision from the among the B.O.D. membership. The B.O.D may choose to allow the RGK Membership to assign this seat to a non-B.O.D. Member until the next B.O.D. membership change.
      5. One seat is filled by the Monarch of the Emerald Hills or by a Monarch appointed representative that has been approved by the RGK.
      Should a sitting RGK member assume the office of Monarch, that person must immediately appoint a successor that meets with RGK approval so that no member holds two seats at the same time.
    2. The Monarch may appoint Pro-Tem members to fill vacated positions until the next scheduled Emerald Hills election, where a member shall be elected to finish the term of the vacated seat.
    3. RGK Funds
      1. The RGK shall maintain a bank account for RGK funds
      2. The RGK shall spend funds only on the development and maintenance of Tanglewood Forest.
      3. RGK Funds are generated from the following sources:
        • 50% of the gate fees from Emerald Hills events held at Tanglewood Forest
        • Tanglewood Forest may be sub-leased for non-Emerald Hills events on a case-by-case basis
        • Funds raised from sub-leasing the land to other organizations
        • Donations from the Emerald Hills Kingdom Treasury
        • Private donations
      4. The RGK must adhere to the following provisions before the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills can donate funds from the Kingdom Treasury to the RGK.
        • An RGK Funds Requisition Form must be filled out and submitted to the Prime Minister for presentation at an Althing
        • The RGK must provide an itemized Reconciliation, including receipts, of the money donated from the EH Treasury
    4. Shall present for publication at each Mid-reign a summary of RGK income, expenditures, balances, and debts for the previous 12 months
  4. Other Positions
    1. Colleges of the Arts and Sciences
      1. The Regent shall choose the guildmasters of Arts and Sciences. Although the guilds will vary, the following are examples:
        • Arts - Art, Garbers, Literature, Minstrels, Theatre
        • Science - Heraldry, Sages, Engineers, Gladiators, Smiths
      2. Guildmasters are responsible for encouraging the interest, growth, and application of their particular discipline in the club. For instance, the Guildmaster of Heraldry collects and maintains the personal symbols and person histories of all club members. They are also required to inform the Monarch and/or Regent when individuals do work worthy of an award within their area of responsibility.
    2. Reeves Guild
      1. Made up of people who have passed the Emerald Hills Reeves test within the last six months with a score of 75% or better and the current GMR. The Emerald Hills Reeves test shall have at least 100 questions
      2. Reeves have the following powers over the battlegames (under the jurisdiction of the Monarch and the GMR):
        • May add newcomers and adjust the teams to balance a game
        • May call whether a hit on a person is valid or not
        • May take unsafe people or equipment off the battlefield
        • May take time off a person’s death if he died especially well
        • May declare a person dead if he/she is persistently causing problems
        • May declare the end to a game if play is stagnating
        • May appropriate additional reeves if they are needed
      3. Reeves are responsible for the following:
        • Must ensure that the games are safe to participants and bystanders
        • Shall retrieve expended and discarded equipment
        • Shall help the participants in their understanding of the games
        • Shall ensure that the quality of play is honest and in keeping with the spirit of the rules
      4. All members are required to reeve at least one game per month
    3. Crown’s Guard
      1. Does not include the Champion, the Regents Defender, or the Captain of the Guard
      2. No more than ten people—chosen by the Monarch and Regent—shall fill these positions
      3. Shall Escort the Crown and aid the Captain of the Guard in his/her duties
    4. Circle of Steel
      1. Shall be composed of the captains of all companies with three of more participating members
      2. Shall organize and initiate company related activities within the club
    5. Regent’s Defender
      1. Shall be tourneyed for or appointed at the Regent’s discretion
      2. Will escort and guard the Regent during his/her reign
    6. Court Bard
      1. Appointed and dismissed at the discretion of the Monarch
      2. For organization and performance of the arts at official club functions
    7. Court Jester
      1. Appointed and dismissed at the discretion of the Monarch
      2. Responsible for humor and levity at official club functions
      3. May double as the herald for all announcements of the Crown
  5. Club Government
    1. Duties and Policies of the Treasury
      1. The offices of Monarch, Regent, and Prime Minister, are not required to pay any dues (or event fees).  That is, their dues paid status is frozen until they leave office.  When they leave office their time remaining as dues paid resumes from where it was when they assumed office.  (Normally adding 6 months to the dues paid "expiration date" will suffice).

        Dues are $5 for six months (receipts will be given if requested).
      2. Though not required of residents, the following privileges are available to dues paid members only:
        • Voting in club elections
        • Voting in club Althings
        • Holding club offices
        • Subscription to club newsletter
        • Receipt of Rulebook and Corpora
      3. The Monarch and Prime Minister may each spend 10% of the treasury every month to run the Kingdom — larger expenditures must be voted on at an Althing
    2. Elections
      1. Shall be held by the Prime Minister
        • Exception - the Prime Minister elections will be held by the Guildmaster of Reeves
      2. Shall be held the weekend following Crown Qualifications (may depend on the calendar of events)
        • Exceptions – PM and RGK elections are held one, two, or three weeks prior to Mid-reign. just before or after Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster. The IRCA Rep election is held annually the first week of July.
      3. The winner will be chosen by majority vote. Unless otherwise specified in an office’s description, votes will be drawn from the general pool of eligible voters.
      4. Only those who have been EH residents for at least six months prior to the election and are dues paid may vote in any election
      5. The Monarch shall break any tie votes in an election. (This ability is in addition to the Monarch’s normal right to vote because they are dues paid residents.)
    3. Removing Club Officers
      1. Can be initiated by a petition signed by at least 20% of the active residents
      2. Requires a 2/3 vote of all dues paid residents for removal (otherwise known as a populous vote).
    4. Althings
      1. An Althing will be held in all odd months (if no person has business to bring before the club, then there will be no Althing for that month)
      2. An Althing must have an agenda that is announced at least 2 (two) weeks prior to the Althing
      3. The Althing may consist of the following:
        • Discussion and enactment of rule changes
        • Revision and updating of the Corpora
        • Discussion and voting on major expenditures of the club treasury
        • Discussion of the future of the Kingdom and its priorities
      4. Althing items pertaining to the finances of the Kingdom or RGK Treasury may only be voted upon by members who are residents of parks within 150 miles of the Kingdom Center (Duncanville, TX)
    5. Rules Changes
      1. Any decision agreed upon by the Monarch and Prime Minister is law until the next Althing. (A duration of one to seven weeks)
      2. Only the Althing, or the Monarch and Prime Minister, can change, add, or delete from the Laws of Amtgard or the governing laws of the Emerald Hills
      3. Any suggested changes to a class must be first approved by the Guildmaster of that class
      4. Permanent rule changes must be published and made available to the general membership. When reasonably possible, the same applies to temporary rule changes
  6. Titles, Orders, Honors and Awards
    1. Knighthood
      1. The Monarch may knight people (other than themselves) into any of the four categories
      2. If the current Monarch is not a knight, he/she should appoint a Knight to perform the knighting ceremony.
      3. Although not required, candidates for Knighthood should have achieved the criteria listed and have the approval of a majority of the voted EH Knights Circle
        • Note - Achievement of the criteria set forth does not automatically grant Knighthood
      4. If there is any dispute about a Knighthood, a formal complaint and/or petition must be submitted to the Monarch and Prime Minister
    2. The Orders of Knighthood
      1. Knight of the Crown - A civil order for serving in the highest club offices
        • Colors: white trimmed with gold
        • Requirements: complete two terms as the Monarch or serve in two of the following four kingdom positions: Monarch, Prime Minister, Regent and Champion
      2. Knight of the Flame - A service order for contributions to the club
        • Colors: white trimmed with red
        • Requirements: Masterhood in at least one of the following three areas: Rose, Lion, Smith
      3. Knight of the Serpent - An achievements order for excellence in the arts and/or sciences
        • Colors: white trimmed with green
        • Requirements: Masterhood in at least one of the following three areas: Dragon, Owl, Garber
      4. Knight of the Sword - A military order for fighting skills and battlefield prowess
        • Colors: white trimmed with silver
        • Requirements: any two of the following honors: Warlord, Defender, Weaponsmaster (equivalent tournament and/or battlefield skills will be considered)
      5. A Knight may choose to take one or more squires.
        • The garb of a squire is a red belt
    3. Masterhood in the Service Guilds and Orders
      1. Awarded by the Monarch for achieving the criteria set forth
      2. Denotes excellence in contributions to the club in the area listed (see explanations of the orders themselves)
      3. Specific types of Masterhood:
        • Dragon    - 10 orders of the Dragon
        • Garber    - 12 Garber credits
        • Lion    - any combination of orders of the Lion and orders of the Griffin that add up to 10
        • Owl    - 10 orders of the Owl
        • Reeve    - 12 weeks experience as a reeve
        • Rose    - 10 orders of the Rose
        • Smith    - 12 Smith credits
        • Warrior    - (designated title: Warlord) 10th level order of the warrior
    4. Masterhood in the Fighting Guilds
      1. Awarded to the outstanding members of each guild.
      2. Awarded by the Monarch with the consent of the Prime Minister and Guildmaster of the involved class.
      3. Does not grant any special play abilities beyond those normally available to a non-master.
      4. Masters are entitled to wear on their garb a slash or stripe of that Guild’s color as denoted in the accompanying table. If this stripe is inset on a belt or sash of the same color, then black or white borders may delineate it.
      5. Belt favor colors for the Fighting Classes

        Class Belt Favor Color Reason for Color
        Anti-Paladin Purple/Black Royalty and Evil
        Archers White Fletching of Arrows
        Assassins Black Death
        Barbarians Orange Color of burning ruins
        Bards Blue Bardic Blue
        Druids Brown Tree's and Earth
        Healers Red The Blood they clean up
        Monks Gray Humble Beginnings
        Paladins Purple/White Royalty and Good
        Scouts Green Woodlands
        Warrior Silver Steel and Armour
        Wizard Yellow Enchantments and Spells
    5. Orders {Number in Brackets indicates the Quantity needed for Masterhood}
      The Monarch may give all awards listed here. Those the Regent may also give are marked with an "*" (asterisk).
      1. Crimson*
        • for service to the club (but not enough for a Rose)
        • note: for all intents and purposes, 1 (one) Crimson = ¼ (one-fourth) of a Rose
      2. Dragon* {10}
        • for outstanding achievements in the arts (garb, art, music, etc.)
      3. Dreamkeeper
        • for outstanding contributions to the atmosphere of Amtgard
        • limitations: only one may be given in each Monarch’s reign
      4. Emerald
        • for good preparations (garb, armor, weapons, and/or knowledge of the rules)
        • limitations: must be a newcomer (first six weeks)
      5. Flame
        • given to a group for outstanding contributions to the club
        • limitations: only one may be given in each Monarch’s reign
      6. Garber* (AKA Garber Credit) {12}
        • for making nice garb for others, making superior garb for oneself, or (cloth) flag construction
        • note: Garber credits may be awarded in addition to orders of the Dragon
      7. Gladius
        • for excellent death on the battlefield/tourneyfield
      8. Griffin {10/Special, Masterhood of the Lion)
        • for courage, chivalry, and honor on the battlefield or in a tournament
      9. Hellrider
        • for withstanding a serious accident, major transportation problems, or overcoming overwhelming odds en route to an attended Amtgard function
      10. Hydra
        • for entering enough Crown Qualifications events to qualify for the Crown tourney
        • limitations: each person may only receive one Hydra per Crown qualifications
      11. Jovious
        • for outstanding attitude
        • limitations: only one may be given in each Monarch’s reign
      12. Lion* {10/Special}
        • for displaying outstanding traits of service and loyalty to the club
      13. Mask
        • for outstanding portrayal of persona
        • limitations: only one may be given in each Monarch’s reign
      14. Owl* {10}
        • for outstanding achievements in the sciences (armor, construction, etc.)
      15. Phoenix
        • for voluntarily protecting the Crown (by filling in for absent guard members)
      16. Rose* {10}
        • for beneficial service to the club
      17. Smith* (AKA Smith Credit) {12}
        • for any of the following reasons
          • Sponsoring a major Amtgard event, publication, or workshop, or any other comparable service to the club
          • Aiding the Monarch, and especially the Champion and GMR to ensure that equipment utilized on the battlefield is safe
      18. Walker of the Middle
        • for exemplification of the ideals and conduct of reeves
        • limitations: a person may never receive more that one of these
      19. Warrior {10th level}
        • for fighting ability (see criteria below)
        • limitations: it is increasingly difficult to attain criteria for higher levels.
        Level Belt favor Animal Straight


        Green Snake 3


        Blue boar 5


        Red mongoose 7


        Brown bear 9


        Rust hawk 11


        Grey wolf 13


        Orange tiger 15


        Black panther 17


        Purple dragon 19


        Red with a
        yellow border
        Note: Battlefield commendations may also be given with orders above 5th level only awarded for outstanding success in games, quests or tournaments. The higher the level, the harder it is to achieve more orders of the warrior. No one has ever achieved Warlord status (10 th level or higher) without winning at least two major tournaments.
      20. Zodiac
        • for outstanding contributions in any one month
        • limitations: only one may be given each month
    6. Order of Precedence
      Royalty - Nobility - Peerage

      Prime Minister

      Order of Precedence
      Other Positions

      Guildmaster of Reeves
      Captain of the Monarch's Guard
      Guildmaster of all other guilds
      Royal Guard members
      Master: orders, service guilds
      Captain (company)
      Lord (household)
      Sergeant (company)
      Master: fighting guilds
      Reeves Guild
      Other company officers

      Titles of Nobility and Lesser Titles of Honor
      Listings are in the format: Title (Equivalents.)
      1. Duke/Duchess (Doge, Dux, Herzog)
        • Suggested criteria: serve the club six months as Monarch
      2. Count/Countess (Earl, Comes, Comite Graf, Jarl)
        • Suggested criteria: serve the club six months as Regent
      3. Marquis/Marquise (Markgraf, Marchioness {feminine}, also roughly equivalent to Margrave, Mark)
        • Suggested Criteria: serve in each of the following: Monarch, Regent, Prime Minister
      4. Viscount/Viscountess (Vocomte)
        • Suggested criteria: have held the following positions: Champion, Weaponsmaster
      5. Baron/Baroness (Thane, Daimyo)
        • Suggested criteria: serve the club six months as Prime Minister. Also awarded for six months service as Duke of a Duchy
      6. Baronet (none)
        • Suggested criteria: serve in a pro-tem positions for any of the following positions: Monarch, Regent, Prime Minster, Champion. Also awarded for six months service as Baron of a Barony or Regent of a Duchy
      7. Lord/Lady (none)
        • Suggested criteria: discretion of the Monarch (service to the club). Also awarded for six months service as PM of a Duchy, Regent of a Barony, or Sheriff of a Shire.
      8. Defender (none)
        • Suggested criteria: serve the club six months as Champion
      9. Master (none)
        • Suggested criteria: discretion of the Monarch (service to the club). Also awarded for six months service as Champion of a Duchy, PM of a Barony, or Regent of a Shire.
      10. Esquire (none)
        • Suggest criteria: discretion of the Monarch (service to the club). Also awarded for six months service as Champion of a Barony or Shire, or as PM of a Shire.
  7. Kingdom Events
    1. Crown Qualifications (AKA Crown Quals)
      1. Date held: one of the last two weekends of May and November
      2. Sponsors: the two highest ranking club officers not running for high office (one to run war events, one to run cultural events)
      3. Any Amtgardian, regardless of residency, may enter
      4. Crown Contestants are required enter a minimum of 10 (ten) Crown Qualification cultural and war events (each). In addition, to successfully qualify, a contestant's cultural entries must average at least a 3 (three) on a 5 (five) point scale. Only the contestant's highest 2 (two) entries in a category may be figured into this average
      5. Crown Contestants must pass an Emerald Hills Corpora and Reeves test.
      6. All cultural entries must conform to the following criteria
        • No more than three entries per person per category
        • The same item can not be entered in two or more categories
        • An item can not be entered in more than one Kingdom Level Crown Qualification Tournament
        • Additional restrictions as specified by the event sponsor
      7. Awarding outstanding entries Orders of the Warrior, Dragon, Owl, Garber, and Rose is encouraged
      8. More specific rules for these qualifications shall be put out by the sponsors at least six weeks prior to the date set for Crown Qualifications
    2. Crown Elections
      1. Date held: the week after Crown Quals (see section " V. B. Elections ")
      2. Sponsor: Prime Minister
    3. Champion’s Tournament
      1. Date held: in conjunction with the Crown Elections
      2. Sponsor: as per Crown Quals and the Guildmaster of Reeves
    4. Coronation
      The event where the winners of the Crown elections (and the new Champion) assume office
      1. Date held: second to last weekends of June and December
      2. Sponsor: outgoing Monarch
    5. Crown Coronation Feast
      1. Date held: in conjunction with Coronation
      2. Sponsor: outgoing Regent
    6. PM Elections
      Includes selection of Prime Minister and the filling of Royal Grounds Keepers seats
      1. Date held: one or two weeks prior to Midreign
      2. Sponsor: Guildmaster of Reeves
    7. Dragonmaster
      This is a cultural tournament similar to the cultural component of Crown Quals
      1. Date held: one or two weeks before Midreign
      2. Sponsor: Regent
    8. Weaponmaster Tournament
      This is a passage of arms in several different weapons classes. The winner of this tournament will hold the title of Weaponmaster for six months
      1. Date held: in conjunction with Dragonmanster
      2. Sponsor: Guildmaster of Reeves
    9. Midreign
      The event where the winners of the PM and RGK Elections assume office
      1. Date held: second to last weekends of March and September
      2. Sponsor: Monarch and Regent
  8. Subgroup Guidelines
    When formed, Emerald Hills subgroups acknowledge their responsibility to operate in a manner consistent with this document.
    1. Generic Guidelines
      The following guidelines apply to all EH subgroups
      1. May not award Knighthoods
      2. May not award Dreamkeepers, Hellriders, Masks, or Walker of the Middles
      3. May not award non-class Masterhoods (Master of the Rose, Lion, etc.)
      4. May award Titles of Nobility earned by tenure for a specific service listed in the Corpora (Baron, Baronet, Lord/Ladyship.) NOTE: May not award titles greater than that the group’s Monarch may receive for stepping down
      5. May create new awards, orders and non-noble titles
    2. Size based Limitations
      In addition to the operating guidelines listed elsewhere, they have the following limits when granting awards. They may not give a player an order of the Warrior higher than the number listed. That number also indicates a limit to the number of a given type of award a player may receive from a subgroup of a given size. For instance, a Barony may not give another Order of the Owl to a player that already has 5 Owls. Only a Duchy or the Kingdom can award that player another Owl.
    3. Shire:
    4. 3 May NOT award any Masterhoods
    5. Barony:
    6. 5 May award class Masterhoods (Master Warrior, Wizard, etc.)
    7. Duchy:
    8. 7 May award class Masterhoods (Master Warrior, Wizard, etc.)
    9. Size based Qualifying Requirements
      The qualifying requirements for subgroup officers (Monarch, Regent, and Champion) are less stringent than for kingdom level office holders (see VII.A.4).  The minimum quantity of cultural and war events an officer must enter--by size--is as follows:
    10. Shire:
    11. 3
    12. Barony:
    13. 5
    14. Duchy:
    15. 7
    16. Qualifying Requirements
    17. 1. Shire -     Age: Any;     Size: Any (New Groups)
      2. Barony -     Age: 1 year;     Size: 20
      3. Duchy -     Age: 2 years;     Size: 40
    18. Officer Title Equivalents
      Subgroups have their own offices of Monarch, Prime Minister, Regent, and Champion. To distinguish those offices from their Kingdom level equivalents, subgroups use the following chart to determine the appropriate nomenclature:
    19. Kingdom Duchy Barony Shire
      Monarch Duke Baron Sheriff
      Regent Ducal Regent Baronial Regent Shire Regent
      Prime Minister  Chancellor Chancellor Chancellor
      Champion Ducal Champion  Baronial Champion  Shire Champion 
    20. Title Awards
      Suggested titles awarded for former high office holders of subgroups
    21. Office  Kingdom   Duchy   Barony   Shire 
      Monarch Duke Baron Baronet Lord
      Regent Count Baronet Lord Master
      Prime Minister  Baron Lord Master Esquire
      Champion Defender Master Esquire Esquire
      (Kingdom officer recommendations mentioned in the interest of completeness)
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