Besides a few magical weapons, Amtgard only allows non-explosive, non-chemical weapons that might have been in existence before
1650 AD. All weapons can be broken into three parts:

1 Strike-Legal: This refers to a portion of the weapon that is at least 2.5 inches in diameter (flat blades require 1.5 inches of foam on a striking surface and may not pass their tip through a 2.25 inch ring) and will not leave marks, bruises, or broken bones when used to hit your opponent. This is the only area of a weapon that counts as a legal blow. Stab-only weapons are still required to have six inches of strike-legal surface on any stabbing end for safety. This must be covered in a durable, opaque cloth.

2 Padding: This refers to the portion of the weapon that has at least half an inch of foam over the weapon core and is designed to limit the injuries done from accidental contact with that part of the weapon.

3 Handle: Refers to the unpadded part of the weapon where it is held.