Weapon Effects
A ‘Weapon Effect’ is a descriptor applied to a weapon that explains what it does. It is possible for a weapon to have multiple effects.

Red A Red weapon, when used to slash or bludgeon, does two points of damage and can be used to destroy a shield in three hits. Great weapons (see below) are automatically red weapons. Magical enchantments and the berserk ability of barbarians can also make a weapon red. In all cases where a one-handed weapon is red, the weapon or the user must have a red strip to indicate the effect.

Great If a weapon is five feet or more in length, has a minimum of three feet of contiguous striking surface (staves must have at least two feet at each
end), and a minimum diameter of four inches (flat blades require a four inch cross section) over the entire striking surface, then it is considered Great and becomes Red when wielded two-handed in a slashing or bludgeoning manner—Never when used to stab or pierce.

Magic Relics and weapons bearing an enchantment other than Stun Weapon.