Pure Warrior traditions also abound. Outstanding examples included the 300 Spartans who opposed the great Persian king Xerxes and his 10,000 Immortals, the incredibly warlike five nations of the Iroquois, and the fierce Maori clans native to New Zealand.
Examples: William Wallace, Lancelot, Achilles, Spartacus, Mad Martigan, Miyamoto Musashi, Charles Martel, Roman
Praetorians, and Julius Caesar
Garb: Purple sash
Armor: 4 points
Shields: Large
Weapons: All melee
Immunities: None
Lives: 5
Abilities & Traits:
1st No additional abilities
2nd May wear up to 6 points of armor (T)
Improve Weapon (ex) (1/game)
3rd Total lives increases to 6 (T)
May now use javelins (T)
4th Improve Weapon becomes (1/life)
Improve Shield (ex) (1/game)
5th Repair Item (ex) (1/life)
6th Armor of Quality (T)
Improve Shield becomes (2/game)