Sword Construction Tutorial
(with Funnoodle™ or Camp-pad foam):

1 Use a length of Fiberglass, Kite spar, PVC, or a golf shaft for the core. Remove all sharp edges and points from both ends of the core.

2 Cap both ends of the core with alternating layers of tape and foam until the cap is secure and decidedly dull. Cover the pommel with enough closed cell foam to ensure that it is at least 2.5 inches in diameter. Note that all pommels must meet this minimum size requirement regardless of your specific fighting style.

3 a. To make a flat blade, sandwich the core between several layers of camp-pad foam.
b. To make a round blade, you can use a piece of Funnoodle™ that has a factory hole in the center, and cut it to be the length of the blade. If your core moves back and forth within the hole, you can tape a long strip of camp pad foam to the shaft to reduce the noise and prolong the life of the blade. Tape the base of the Funnoodle™ to the shaft very well. Fiberglass strapping tape is recommended for strength and weight.

4 Tape several pieces of closed cell foam over the top of the sword with fiberglass strapping tape. You should have at least 3 layers of closed cell foam (1.5 inches) on your stabbing tip (and even more for a two handed stabbing weapon, such as a spear).

5 For the cover, choose a light, durable fabric. Cut it to length plus three inches, and outside diameter plus one inch.

6 Fold the fabric across and sew the side and top.

7 Roll the cover like a stocking, and then roll it down the sword.

8 Secure the cover to the hilt with tape.