Siege Weapons
Siege weapons are extremely powerful engines of destruction that were historically used for everything from anti-personnel to tearing down walls from a great distance. The abilities and limitations of siege weapons are as follows:

1 A melee siege weapon will kill any person or destroy any object it strikes regardless of armor. Is considered engulfing. Counts as one hit against invulnerability. Will stop Fight After Death.

2 A projectile siege weapon that fires a single projectile at a time, such as a single boulder or bolt, strikes exactly like a melee siege weapon except that it is also stopped by the enchantment Protection from Projectiles. A monk may not block this type of siege weapon projectile. Will stop Fight After Death.

3 A projectile siege weapon that fires multiple projectiles at a time, such as a grapeshot catapult, counts as firing Red projectiles. A monk may block these projectiles as normal. Protection from Projectiles stops these. Will not stop Fight After Death.

4 A siege weapon that fires projectiles may not be used within 20 feet unless its operators have the ability to “half-draw” the weapon.

5 A siege weapon is a large, tough object that is hardened from casual attack. They are considered to have ten points of armor and are destroyed when all armor is lost (i.e. ten hits from a one point weapon, five hits from a two point weapon, etc). Arrows have no effect on siege weapons with the exception of a Flame Arrow, which will do five points of damage to the siege weapon. Melee siege weapons and single shot projectile siege weapons will destroy another siege weapon on a single hit. Multiple projectile siege weapons deal damage to siege weapons as per normal. A siege weapon operates as long as it has at least one point of armor remaining. A Mend will repair one point of armor over all (siege weapons do not have sectional armor). Destroyed siege weapons may not be retrieved from base.

6 Siege weapons require at least three people to operate. Those people may be involved in any operation of the engine but may not be fighting, be Berserk, casting magic, using activated class abilities, or move more than ten feet away. A siege weapon with less than three people crewing it may not be used. Some monsters are exempt from this rule. Members of the siege crew may leave at any time and continue playing as normal.

7 You may only have one siege engine per twenty people on ateam.

8 Siege weapons should have a historical or fantasy counterpart that they mimic in form and function. Siege engines may onlybe direct impact weapons such as catapults, ballistae, etc. You may not use siege engines that mimic area of effect attacks such as firebombs or Greek Fire. You may not use siege weapons that
mimic gunpowder effects such as cannons.