Shields are considered wooden for purposes of being targeted by spells or monster abilities. All shield measurements are the exterior surface area on a flat plane.

1 Bucklers are a type of small shield that is strapped to a forearm instead of wielded in a hand. Anyone allowed to use a small shield may use a single buckler. Note: This does not allow use of both a shield and a buckler.

2 Shields struck by effects that break shields (such as Red weapons) retain this damage until repaired, therefore receiving two such strikes from one player and one such strike from another player ten minutes later is sufficient to destroy the shield.

3 All shields must either be strapped to an arm or gripped in a hand. A blow that strikes a non-wielded shield strapped to a player, such as a shield slung across a back, is considered to strike the player as if the shield had not been there. A player may only wield one shield at a time.

4 A large shield is no larger than eight square feet (38.3 inches in diameter).

5 A medium shield is no larger than five square feet (30.28 inches in diameter).

6 A small shield is no larger than three square feet (23.45 inches in diameter).

7 Non-round shields may not be wider than two feet.