Anyone who survives for any time in the wilds learns the lay of the land. Many Native Americans are rightly seen as good trackers or Scouts, as were the mountain
men who followed.
Examples: Strider, Hiawatha, Little John, Baden Powell
Garb: Green sash
Armor: 3 points
Shields: Small
Weapons: Dagger, short, long, staff, throwing weapons, short bows
Immunities: Immune to both magical and non-magical forms of Lost
Lives: 4
Abilities & Traits:
1st Heal (ex) (1/life)
2nd Innate Ability (choose one of the following):
a. Stun Arrow (1/reusable) (T)
b. Flame Arrow (1/reusable) (T)
3rd Antidote to Poison (ex) (1/life)
Truth (ex) (1/life)
Camouflage (ex) (1/game)
4th Immunity: Traps
Tracking (ex) (1/life)
5th Earth Bind (ex) (2/game)
6th Tracking becomes (2/life)
May now use a longbow instead of a short bow (T)
Attuned (T) (2/game)