Persona Guidelines
Real History: A persona should be based on people who could have lived before 1650 AD. The name, weapons, clothing, etc. are encouraged to be historically correct. Do not impersonate a famous historical figure.

Fantasy: The persona should be based on a book, movie, historical mythology, or a unique creation of your own. Again, do not impersonate a character from the medium you choose. Remember: Every persona must be either of an ancient, medieval, or swords and sorcery related background.

Create a device or insignia to display on your flags, banners, and coat of arms. The device should be unique or at least in keeping with your persona or company. You may register the device with the Guildmaster of Heraldry and the Prime Minister.

People may wish to band together as a fighting group. This group is called a company. The company should choose a name, captain, second in command and device. A person may be in no more than one company.

People who wish to form a non-fighting group within the club can create a household. The household should choose a name, a Master and Mistress of the House and a device. A person may be in any number of households.

There are many types of games and events held regularly. These include:
1) Tournaments- competitions between individuals or groups for awards, honor, or challenges.
2) Battles- involves two or more armies attacking each other for various reasons.
3) Special Events- quests, feasts, demos, trips, revels, fairs, workshops, and other ‘games.’