The perfect good guy comes to save the day. Paladins exist in the myths and legends of all cultures. Be it the Geatlander Beowulf slaying Grendel or the Norse god Thor battling the Midgaard Serpent, Paladins have been with us since prehistory.
Examples: Joan of Arc, Galahad, Bovide, King Arthur, Roland, Percival, the Twelve Peers of France, Don Quixote, Arcite,Palamon, Dietrich von Bern
Garb: Must wear white belt and have a White Phoenix openly displayed on clothing or armor
Requirement: Must have been a Knight for 12 weeks
Armor: 4 points
Shields: Large
Weapons: All melee, javelins
Immunities: Subdual
Lives: 4
Abilities & Traits:
1st None
2nd Heal (ex) (1/game)
3rd Extend Immunities (m) (unlimited)
4th Resurrect (ex) (1/game)
5th Innate Ability (choose two before game starts):
a. Heal becomes (1/life)
b. Resurrect becomes (2/game)
c. Awe (m) (2/game)
6th Immunity: Death