Shaolin and Buddhist temples manned by fighting Monks who learned to fight with their hands and strange implements when their warlords forbade them to use swords are the classic image of this class. However, many Asiatic and American tribes had strong traditions of wrestling, and the Shogun-era Japanese had a plethora of armed warrior Monks whose wrath was feared by even the Emperor.
Examples: Bruce Lee, Qui Chang Kane, Dread Pirate Ninja Roberts, the Bloodguard, Benkei, Pachomius, the Sohei
Garb: Gray sash
Armor: None
Shields: None
Weapons: Dagger, short, long, pole arm, staff
Immunities: Gained at later levels
Lives: 4
Abilities & Traits:
1st Heal (ex) (1/life, Self only)
Missile Block (T)
2nd May now use throwing weapons (T)
Immunity: Poison
Transfer Life (ex) (1/game)
3rd Immunity: Control
Touch of Death (ex) (1/game)
4th Greater Missile Block (T)
Banish (m) (1/life)
5th Banish (2/life)
Immunity: Death
Sanctuary (ex) (1/life)
Immunity: Traps
6th Heal (2/life, Self Only)