Getting Started
Note: ‘His/he/him’ is used exclusively in this publication as convention and for simplicity only. All aspects of Amtgard are open to both males and females. Amtgard is a not-for-profit, free, non-sectarian group dedicated to the recreation of medieval and fantasy genres. Amtgard has a vast array of new experiences to offer the interested adventurer, from making clothing appropriate to a certain time period, to wielding a foam-padded replica of an ancient weapon on the field of battle. The
recreation of medieval and fantasy combat is the core of Amtgard and the main concern of this tome. The rules set forth herein are as detailed and complete as possible, but not all situations can be covered. Common sense and fair play should be used to resolve any problems. Anyone may join Amtgard by:

1) Obtaining a copy of this rulebook and reading it.

2) Developing a persona and a persona history.

3) Making a costume for yourself that is fitting to your persona.

4) Filling out a membership form and waiver and turning them in to the Prime Minister. Minors must have their waivers signed by their parents or legal guardians. Minors under the age of 14 may not participate in combat without special permission from the Monarch. In addition to these requirements, players may opt to become ‘dues paid.’ Dues paid members have no advantage over other members except that they may vote in the bi-monthly Althing meetings, which are used to make decisions for the group that are beyond the scope of the monarch alone, such as changing the corpora. Dues paid members are also the only ones who may vote in elections. Dues are six dollars every six months and all dues collected are used to pay for rulebooks, newsletters, loaner gear, and other group expenses. Kingdom corporas may add additional requirements for being avoting or active member of the populace.

Other Amtgard publications of importance include:
1) Corpora of Amtgard bylaws – group criteria, Amtgard governmental structure, awards and honors, etc. Important for all groups, essential for medium/large groups. This document also explains the criteria for becoming a knight, warlord, etc.

2) The Amtgard Contract – Legal agreement that all groups must sign with the Board of Directors of Amtgard, Kingdom of the Burning Lands (doing business as Amtgard, Inc.) It ensures that groups will abide by the Amtgard rules and bylaws.

3) Other Publications of note – While not mandatory, these publications are very useful and include Amtgard supplements, such as garb and weapon making, an FAQ list, and the Dor Un Avathar (a monster handbook). These and other publications may be found at

The rulebook takes precedence over all supplements, manuals and other rules editions or play testing supplements. From time to time there may be official manuals, supplements, or expansions that enhance or compliment the core rule set. While these documents may expand game play options they are still restrained by the core rules written herein and may not contradict them. In the event of a contradiction between the rulebook and any other supplemental materials, this core rulebook always takes precedence.

Process for updating these rules:
Changes to this document may only be made by a 75% vote of the Circle of Monarchs. All votes must be sent to a representative designated by the circle via registered mail. Circle of Monarchs votes are generally collected during the months of June and July.