Game Etiquette:
While not absolutes, the following conditions have stood the test of time and should be observed:

1 Do not use a hold to gather or retain spent equipment or valuable game items. A reeve or the other team may grant a person the opportunity to pick up spent equipment if they are simply asked.

2 Do not use a hold to avoid a death or get out of a bad situation.

3 While it is honorable to return the other team’s spent equipment (magical balls, weapons, expended arrows, etc.), it is not mandatory. Don’t delay or stop play to return equipment. Similarly, don’t attack someone who is being kind enough to return your own team’s items.

4 As stated before, players should remove themselves from the field when discussing disputed blows or rules. This is not always practical in the immediate heat of the moment. If you see a dispute, do not engage or strike at those involved. By the same token, don’t use the excuses of returning equipment, a headshot, or resolving a dispute to save yourself when the enemy has you dead in his sights. Example: You are accidentally struck in the face, and simultaneously cleaved in two from behind by another opponent; you are still dead.