It’s been a decade, more or less, since the last release of the rules of play. This release is representative of many lessons learned and experience gained over
that ten-year period. In that time, Amtgard has become geared towards a faster, more engaging and interesting system of play, and was in dire need of rules to
match. The original goal was to clear up gray areas and loopholes in the rules, and those clarifications brought with them many significant changes, as well as
further attempts to balance the game. It was not an easy task - and to be certain, some things were missed; still, we think this represents the best that all the kingdoms could contribute and reflects the general consensus of how things should work. This is the first rulebook that is a truly inter-kingdom effort, and it shows. It was a long, hard road to produce the work you are about to read and in the end, it came down to the blood, sweat, and tears of a very few people. Given that this is probably the only set of words all Amtgardians will read, we feel we should take this chance to remind everybody what we believe this game really is. The game isn’t about fighting, or arts and sciences, or role-playing (though of course those all exist and flourish within the game). The game is about the people. It is the people, all of the people, who have made this game work for over 20 years. It is the people, past and present, which make Amtgard the great organization it is today. Every day you step out into the park, try to remember it is the people who surround you that make the game. No matter what our differences may be, at our heart we all share a common bond, and a common Dream. We hope you enjoy the new rulebook and find it an improvement over the previous one. Happy gaming!

Amtgard Rules of Play version 7 are copyright 2005, Amtgard Inc: Kingdom of the Burning Lands. These rules are freely distributable but may not be sold for profit outside of the Kingdom Contract agreement.