Ribbons and Strips

1 All ribbons (also called cloths or strips) must be at least two inches wide and eighteen inches in length, and clearly visible (not hidden behind equipment or a shield) on the person or object they are applied to.

2 Armbands and headbands act in all ways like ribbons and must follow their rules. Each color ribbon has a different meaning to allow quick identification.

Red: Red Weapons and Berserking Barbarians.

Black: Killing effects such as Touch of Death, Poison Weapon, Death Fields, etc.

Orange: Flame effects such as Flame Arrows, Lava, etc.

Gold: Reeves and items that may not be touched or attacked


Class ribbons for enchantments and magical effects.

Green: Druidic Enchantments

White: Healer Enchantments

Yellow: Wizard Enchantments

Light Blue: Bard Enchantments