Neolithic anthropological evidence indicates a strong tradition of matriarchy and mother worship in Central Europe, the origin of the proto-Celtic Beaker and Axe peoples. It is highly possible that many if not most early Druid-types were priestesses rather than priests.
Examples: Galadriel, Johnny Appleseed, Lady of the Lake, Cathbu,
Tom Bombadil, the Green Knight
Garb: Brown sash
Armor: None
Shield: Small, will subtract from magic points
Weapons: See the Magic section for a listing of weapons used. Weapons subtract from the Druid’s magic points
Immunities: None
Lives: 3
Abilities & Traits:
Magic-user: Druids are magic-users and gain magic at each level. See the
Magic Section for more details.
1st No additional abilities
2nd Number of lives increases to 4 (T)
3rd Pass Without Trace (ex) (2/game)
4th Immunity: Poison
5th Immunity: to magic from fey monsters
6th Immunity: Control