Bardic history is mostly tied in with the early oral tradition of the druids and Norse skalds. Medieval Europe does give us a case of actual singing knights, many of them female, from the independent French province of Aquitaine before it was crushed by the Papacy.
Examples: Sarafin, William Shakespeare, Alan O’Dale, Homer, Scheherazade, Circe, Bragi, Snorri Sturluson
Garb: Light blue sash, plus must carry a musical instrument
Armor: None
Shield: Medium (will subtract from magic points)
Weapons: See the Magic section for a listing of weapons used. Weapons subtract from the Bard’s magic points
Immunities: None
Lives: 4
Abilities & Traits:
Bardic Charm: Some monsters may be immune to the control school, but not bardic charm.Bardic charm is any control magic that is castby a bard (even those bought with Voice).
Magic-user: Bards are magic-users and gain
magic at each level. See the Magic section
for more details.