The maximum limit for a bow’s pull is 35 pounds with a maximum 28-inch draw length. Crossbows are limited to no more than 450 inch-pounds. No compound bows are allowed. Broken or mended arrows are not to be used. All wooden arrows must be taped on the entire shaft. Arrows may never be used as a hand or melee weapon. The “point” of all arrows must have a diameter of at least 2.5 inches. An arrow scores hits like any other weapon. At close range (20 feet or less) bows must be no more than half drawn. Arrows from short bows and single-hand crossbows do two points of damage to armor. Arrows from two-handed crossbows (over 20 inches in length) and longbows (any bow that has an AMO measurement of 60 inches or a physical string length of 56 inches) do four points of damage to armor. A weapon in hand that is hit by an arrow is destroyed. If a bow is hit by a weapon, it is destroyed.