Everyone knows the legend of William Tell, and that story has a basis in fact in the Welsh Archers who long resisted British rule before making the English longbow world-famous. Other outstanding examples include the kyudo archers of Shogun-era Japan, and the Sioux Dog Soldiers.
Examples: William Tell, Odysseus, Paris of Troy, Robin Hood, Bard of the Dale, the Ettrick Foresters, and Minamoto Tametomo
Garb: Orange sash (plus must carry a bow or crossbow)
Armor: 3
Shields: None, initially
Weapons: Dagger, short, long, long or short bow
Immunities: None
Lives: 4
Abilities & Traits:
1st Bowyer (ex) (1/life)
2nd Stun Arrow (1/reusable) (T)
Flame Arrow (ex) (1/reusable) (T)
3rd Accuracy (T)
4th Total lives increase to 5 (T)
Armor-piercing Arrow (1/reusable) (T)
5th May now use small shields (T)
6th Penetration Arrow (1/reusable) (T)