These are the standard bad guys of legend. Almost any adversary in a stock fantasy movie can qualify as an Anti-Paladin, but historical cases abound – ranging from Vlad Dracul’s persecution of Turkish prisoners to Mongol warlords boiling opposing chieftains alive.Examples: The Kurgan, Mordred, the Black Knight, the Nazgul, Tamerlane, Sir Francis Dashwood
Garb: Must wear a white belt and have a Black Phoenix openly displayed on clothing or armor.
Requirement: Must have been a Knight for twelve weeks
Armor: 4 points
Shields: Large
Weapons: All Melee, javelins
Immunities: Control
Lives: 4
Abilities & Traits:
1st None
2nd Touch of Death (ex) (1/game)
3rd Poison Weapon (ex) (1/game)
4th Steal Life (m) (1/game)
5th Innate Ability (choose one before game starts):
a. Poison Weapon becomes (2/game)
b. Touch of Death becomes (1/life)
6th Immunity: Flame
Innate Ability (choose one before game starts):
a. Fear (m) (2/game)
b. Reanimate (m) (1/game)