Abilities and Traits Defined

Abilities Format Key:

M: Materials needed
I: Incantation and gestures
R: Range (if any)
E: Effect
L: Limitations or Restrictions
N: Notes

E: Arrows fired from ones own bow or crossbow deal one additional point of damage.

Antidote to Poison
M: A small container of water
E: When a person drinks this water, they are instantly cured of any poison.

Armor-piercing Arrow
M: A blue ribbon tied to an arrow
I: Declare Loudly “Armor-piercing Arrow”
E: A strike from the arrow will destroy all non-invulnerable armor on the location struck and will continue through to wound the target. It will only deal one point of damage to invulnerability and invulnerability armor.

Armor of Quality
E: Any armor worn is worth one extra point to a maximum of seven points.
N: This ability allows you to exceed your normal class maximum on armor by one point.

I: Say the word ‘Assassinate’ immediately upon killing a person.
E: The victim is affected as per the spell Sever Spirit.
N: May be used while moving.

E: May choose to carry two enchantments from any caster (or combination of casters) for the duration of the current life.
N: This ability may not be used in conjunction with any other similar ability or magic. Only one of these two enchantments may be simul-cast if both of them allow for it.

As per the Awe/Fear spell.

As per the Banish spell.

M: A red headband or armband.
I: You may choose to go Berserk at any point on an eligible life by tying on the red band and announcing your Berserk state
E: While Berserk you gain the following traits:
a. Natural armor: 2 points on all hit locations.
b. Strong: Melee weapons become Red. Melee weapons that are already Red do an extra point of damage to armor for a total of three.
c. Rage: Weapons used while berserk must be over two feet in length. Players may not cast magic, use projectiles, shields, hinged weapons, or activate class abilities (except Berserk). Armor worn is considered destroyed, and cannot be used while berserk. You may not retreat from combat unless facing odds of at least 5:1, monsters with a ratio of 5:1 or greater, or a Wizard, Healer, Druid, or Bard.
d.Immunity: Control
E: As per the Mend spell.
L: May only be used on a bow.

M: 10 ft green cloth
I: Place cloth in a circle, repeat x3 “May the forces of nature hide my presence.” To end the camouflage, the player must repeat x2 “Nature release me.”
R: Within circle
E: While inside the circle, the player can’t be attacked, even if someone viewed him activating the Camouflage. Area effect magic that encompasses the area of the camouflage, such as Doomsday, still affects the player. While camouflaged, the player may not affect anyone else, though they can use their own abilities on themselves such as healing or curing poison. The player may not camouflage anyone else (or their belongings), nor may game items be taken into camouflage. Any enemy with the Tracking ability within 20 feet can cancel the camouflage by stating “Tracking” and pointing out the player in question.

Earth Bind
I: Repeat x2 “May mother nature bind thee.”
R: 20 ft
E: Victim cannot move feet until each of his legs are struck ten times with a slashingor bludgeoning weapon. Anyone attempting to free the victim must state “free this leg” while doing so or the hits strike the player as normal.
N: May be used while moving.