How To Make a Simple Circlet

I had made a really simple braclet in this torque style by a kit earlier, and I figured it would translate well into a circlet. I had some chainmail grade wire laying around, though jewelry wire would work just as well.

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Step One

So I decided I was going to do a "How to" for a simple circlet. I had some wire laying around (not enough to make any chainmail, a clamp, which I lost in the making of this project, a pair of tin snips, and a marble slab I usually do leatherworking on, an a mallet. I figure most amtgarders have most if not all of these things laying around, so it wouldn't be too hard to make. First, I should point out to you that I made this at the park, so, yeah, apparently our park field becomes a sea of leaves around this time of year. Here you see the wire and the tin snips.

Step Two
Cut 12 (or any number you can divide evenly by three) lengths of wire about 6 inches longer than the length around your (or whoever you are making this for) head. Tape one of the ends together like so. This helps keep your wires together while you braid.
Step Three
Now place the clamp over the tape. This also helps to keep the wires together, and it adds weight for where you are braiding. Separate the wires into three groups beyond the clamp.
Step Four
Then simply braid the strands together, pulling hard to keep the wires separate.
Step Five
Here is a close up of the braiding.
Step Six
When you get to the desired legnth, use either your marble slab and mallet, or concrete and your foot to bend the end wire back, then wrap with another piece of wire and smash flat. I connected my ends in my finished piece, your may not want to, and keep them open. If you connect them, I suggest simply keeping the ends straight and wrapping both ends together.